Showing Daddy How I Masturbate

I got to play with Daddy the other day and we had a great time. I love it when I get to pretend to be his little girl. When I got to his place he gave me my special dress, the super short white one that I only wear for him. I went to the bathroom to get changed and by the time I got back he had the living room all set up for me with dolls and puzzles lying on the floor.”Oh wow!” I said and laid down on my stomach while Daddy sat behind me on the couch to watch me play.

  I held a doll in my hands while moving my legs up and down, giving Daddy a constant peek at my white cotton panties. It felt kind of good moving like that because my dress was bunched up under my pussy and I began to rock my hips back and forth, grinding against the soft bump of fabric and floor. I could feel Daddy staring at me and I did it a bit faster while letting out a soft moan. I heard Daddy say “What are you doing sweetheart?” and knew I’d been caught. I rolled over so I was facing him and leaned back on my elbows.
“Nothing Daddy, it just makes me feel funny down there and I like it.” Daddy smiled at me like that was the greatest thing he’d ever heard and said: “Do you know how to make it feel better?” I gave Daddy my best good girl smile and said “Oh yes! Do you want me to show you?” He said that he did and I showed him everything.

     I stood up and lifted my dress around my hips then took my panties off.

I let him get a look at my smooth pussy then sat down so I was facing him. Then I leaned back on one elbow and spread my legs far apart. I spread my pussy lips with two fingers then used my middle finger to push inside. I moved it in and out of me until my juices were running then I moved my hand, showing him how wet I was. So I pushed two fingers in, my index and middle and began to quickly thrust them. I moaned as my fingers slid in and out of me and I said “See Daddy? It feels so good.”
Daddy was breathing hard as he watched me and he said “I know sweetheart. Don’t stop.” I didn’t and when I felt my orgasm starting to get near I slowed down and moved my fingers up to my clit. “This is what makes me feel the best,” I told him as I began to rub my clit in fast, hard circles. My moans got louder and I could feel my juices running down my crack. I rubbed my clit faster and my pussy gushed as it tightened. My body tensed up and I let out a cry as I came.

I kept my fingers pressed down on my clit and enjoyed the feeling as long as it lasted.

     He held his hand out to me. “Come here, sweetheart. you’ve made Daddy feel funny down there but he needs you to help him feel better.” I went over to him and let’s just say that my Daddy feels really good now.

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