He’s only 20, so you can imagine how sweet it is to touch a young cock like his. I can’t ever get enough! I want it every day, every hour, every time I see him. He’s become addicted to me too and can’t help but give into me. I just have to sit close to him and speak while looking into his eyes and he gets rock hard. That’s the beauty of when you’ve been the only girl he’s ever fucked.


He’s so shy when it comes to taking his clothes off but every time he does my body reacts. My nipples get hard when I see his perfect chest and tummy, covered lightly with incredibly soft chest hair and a happy trail. I bite my lip and feel like I have to have him right then and there, no matter where we are. We had been having sex since he was 18 but I had never seen him completely naked. I really wanted to! He was just so shy with his body and I wanted all of it. When he stayed over one night a few months ago he needed to take a shower since he got all sweaty from a workout. I sat on the edge of my bed for a few minutes knowing he was completely nude in my bathroom.. I wanted a peek.

I snuck in and could smell the shampoo so I knew he couldn’t see me. I slowly and quietly opened the shower curtain and there he was. His soft 6 pack and delicately sculpted pecs were within 3 feet of me! And shampoo was running down off of his thick, heavy, meaty cock. He turned around and I inhaled deeply as I looked at his shapely ass which I wanted to take a bite of! He has still turned around as he began to soap up his body. I closed the curtain and stripped. I cleared my throat and he opened the curtain to look and I said nothing as I stepped into the shower.
I wanted his hot, wet, soapy body up against me. He said “What.. What are you doing?” I wrapped my arms around his neck and he slid his hands onto my hips and around to my ass. He began to get rock hard. I gave him a little smile as he grabbed my ass with both hands.

My body was slippery from his body wash and the feeling of my hard nipples on his body drove me wild. My pussy tingled as I thought about him inside me.. that thick and meaty cock that I couldn’t have enough of. He pulled us under the stream of water and rinsed our bodies off. The smell of his body wash was always my favorite, not gross, and strong like most men washes. He was lighter and sexy. Maybe it’s because it made me think of laying on his chest after a hot shower.

He slid his hands over my breasts and rinsed them off the soap.. then he turned me around and slid his hands all over my ass, bent me over, and gave it a little spank. He was started to get hard and I could feel it on my slippery ass. He pulled my body close to his and began pulling on my nipples and all over my shoulders and stomach. Then trailed down to my wet little cunt. He put my leg up on the bathtub and slipped a finger inside me. I let him take control of me. I was his and wanted so badly to be fucked.

My body trembled in his arms as I came onto his hand. He gave a little growl as he bent me over and patted my pussy. He held my head down as he slid his cock between my pussy lips and rammed it in. I let out a squeal and he grabbed my hair, pulling it hard. I smiled and he thrust hard into my cunt and said “Mmm, you’re my good little whore.” I bit my lip as he pounded me and made me cum hard all over his cock. He pulled me off and made me suck my cum off his cock.

He grabbed me by the hair again and bent me down again, this time quickly licking my asshole and getting it all wet with his saliva. He gripped his dick and shoved it into my tight ass. I shot up in pleasure and threw my head back onto him. He growled again… this time holding my hips and slowly grinding against my ass. His cock went in.. and out… in.. and out.  I orgasmed and squirted into the tub as he grabbed my hair again and bit my neck. He came inside my ass and I felt his balls twitch against my ass.

I was so thrilled he let me see him completely nude. I couldn’t wait for the next time we took a shower. 😉


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