It was a regular morning at the gym. I had finished my workout and I was just on the treadmill cooling off. From the corner of my eye I could see a guy, on a treadmill as well, checking me out. He looked dad as fuck. I’m sure he had a wife and children at home. He was handsome, and he could not keep his eyes off of me. He moved to a machine closer to and did some small talk. He asked for my age, and when I asked for his, he just smiled. I never knew what it was in store for me, shower sex.

I walked into the showers and started undressing myself. I’ve never been shy about my body. I stepped in one shower and immediately started my routine. A heard someone come in but I didn’t pay attention. Then, I heard my glass door open, and when I turned, there he was, it was the stranger eyeing me out. As soon as he came in he kneeled down and spread my ass cheeks open. He started eating my asshole. With his face buried in my ass he reached around my pussy and started playing with my clit.  I was caught off guard and I didn’t do much, but enjoy it. There’s was water dripping down our bodies and I could feel my pussy getting soaking wet. He stoop up, I turned around and kissed him. Playing with his cock. He once again turned me around, guided his hard cock in my pussy, and started ramming it from behind. With ever thrust the water would clean my juices off his cock. My tits were pressed against the tiled wall and his hands were on my hips. When he was about to cum, he whispered in my era, what’s your workout?. Then, he came deep inside me. Giving me a nice warm cream pie that was dripping down my things on to the tiled shower floor, blending in with the water.

I soaped my body, still sort of in sock, and got out. When I was dressing I was thinking about how he never told me his age, I didn’t even know his name. When I walked out, ready to leave, it was like he was waiting for me. We walked out to the parking lot together. He asked, “see you tomorrow?” I just smiled. Next time I’d be ready for him in the shower.



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