Kannon used to be my lover, many years ago.  He was one of the most romantic boys I had ever met.  He constantly brought me flowers and would actually write me love notes.  In bed, he always made sure that my needs were met before his own.

One evening, after he had cooked a romantic dinner for us and started a full body massage for me, I started to think about how much he was giving me and how little I seemed to be giving him back.  Don’t get me wrong, I gave him the best sex he had ever had in his life, but  he was constantly doing special things for me and I felt as though I never did anything really special just for him.

As I lay on the couch watching him as he lovingly massaged my feet, I asked, “Kannon, tell me something I can do just for you tonight.” He looked up at me. “Sabrina, I’m here to give YOU pleasure.  It makes me happy when I can satisfy you so completely.” I insisted. “Let me do something for you tonight.  You’re always doing so much for me and I really want to make you feel special.  Tell me what you want.”

He hesitated for a minute and then chuckled and suddenly looked embarrassed by his own thoughts.  I laughed and pressed further.  “Come on! Name it, Kannon.” “It’s a bit dirty.” he said. I couldn’t imagine something being too dirty for me, especially coming from Kannon. “Try me.” I challenged.

“I have been wanting to take a piss all over your beautiful face.” he blurted and then looked instantly sorry that he said it. I looked around the living room figuring it was not a good place to let piss fly.   I knew it would ruin my rug.

Kannon mistook my hesitation for anger and began to apologize.  “I’m so sorry, baby, if I offended you! I knew that was too dirty!” “No… I was just thinking that the shower would be the best place for my…golden shower.” I told him. “Yes!  Perfect!” he smiled and stood up.

I stood up too and we quickly undressed.  I took his hand and let him into my shower.   I squatted in front of him and held on to his thighs.  I sucked on cock for just a little while, feeling him getting big and hard in my hands and my mouth.  He put his hands in my hair and moaned with pleasure as I took his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth.  I gently massaged his balls and gave them a firm squeeze, causing him to shudder.

He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, grabbed it and pointed it at my face.  I smiled at him, opened my lips and tilted my head back slightly waiting for the rain of urine to splash my face.  He held his cock like a garden hose and sighed as he flooded my face with his hot and pungent piss.  It tasted strong and salty and I quickly gulped down what I caught in my mouth.  He sprayed my hair and my face and it dripped off my chin onto my tits.

As the last few drops came out of Kannon’s dickhole, i put my lips over it and sucked gently, pulling out more of his piss.  He moaned and knelt down in front of me, kissed me and moved his tongue around my face, lapping up his piss and we enjoyed the taste of his golden liquid together.

Kannon is definitely my “number one” golden boy!  Would you like to hose me down with your own piss?



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