I am on my way to my babysitting job, dressed in a short red mini skirt.

It may seem a little raunchy, but the dads love it. I have been in the babysitting world long enough to know what the dad’s like. They all like my short red mini skirt. I’ve learned that every daddy has naughty age play fantasies.

I blast music on the way over. If I play it loud enough it gets me in the mood to handle all the kids. The night is clear, so it doesn’t take me long to pull into the Smith’s driveway. I hear my heels making click, clack noises on the sidewalk. It makes me feel very hot while ringing the doorbell.

I shift my weight back and forth while waiting. It isn’t long before Mrs. Smith opens the door. I can smell the booze on her breath, and I guess she started pre-gaming her alcohol drinks already.

She thinks she and her husband have a healthy marriage, so she isn’t threatened by my short red mini skirt. Good for her, I guess. Mr. Smith pushes her to the side once he sees what I have on. His eyes dart to the thin bit of mid-drift skin I have showing. I knew right away that he got the point of my outfit.

The kids run up to me and grab me by the hand.

They are so eager to show me their newest toys, so I get whisked off. I yell for the parents to have a good time and that everything will be okay. I do manage to give Mr. Smith a quick wink before turning around the hall. His wife has no clue since she has already moved on to grabbing her coat.

It isn’t long before I have to put the kids in the bed. I don’t mind reading them extra books when they ask, but I’m finally glad to have free time. I go into the den and stretch out.

Then, I can’t help but to slide my hand into my panties and move my short red mini skirt up. I guess teasing Mr. Smith earlier really had gotten me more turned on than I realized. I pull up Tumblr on my phone and start mindlessly scrolling through my favorite porn blogs. My breaths start to quicken the wetter I get.

It feels so naughty to be masturbating in the Smith’s house, but it’s definitely not the first time I had done it. I start to really get into it. Even my legs start to quiver and everything feels so good.

I hear Mr. and Mrs. Smith bust through the door. Mrs. Smith stumbles upstairs.

I giggle to myself. She must have had too much to drink, just like usual. I don’t even bother pulling my hand out of my skirt.

Why should I? I knew Mr. Smith wasn’t going to be mad if I decided to give him a flash of my pussy. He helps his wife up the stairs, which actually takes a while.

She must have gotten really hammered tonight. I guess I’m not surprised. Suddenly, I can hear the bed creak when she lays down on it. I can hear everything from upstairs.

She starts bitching about something to do with her medicine. I can’t believe she is so comfortable in their marriage. I could never imagine being like that. Then, I hear Mr. Smith’s footsteps as he goes down the stairs.

It’s just a matter of moments until he walks in and catches me.

I get even more turned on. “Olivia! What are you doing?” Mr. Smith walks towards me and watches me playing with my pussy. I only stop so I can jump up and walk towards him, not bothering to pull my short red mini skirt down.

“Hi, Mr. Smith! I was just playing with myself, but now that you are here I will just head home.” I giggle to him and try to walk away. He grabs my hand and pulls me back in front of him.

“You don’t have to go just yet”, and he pulls me in and starts kissing me. I don’t mind it so I let him keep kissing me. He starts to use his lips and glide down my neck. It actually feels really good, and I find myself rubbing my pussy and getting soaking wet.

I start walking back to the couch with his hand in mind. I guess I’ll be staying late tonight!

Do you want me to work late for you? Let’s have some babysitting fetish phone sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke