Naughty age play fantasies are filling your head with new ideas.

It’s not your fault that your mind goes to that naughty dark place. Those little girls have been on your mind forever now. You’ve been dreaming of naughty age play fantasies ever since you could remember. But now that you have me in your life as your girlfriend, it seems to have gotten a lot worst.

I’m here to encourage your naughty age play fantasies. You know what I always say! I love that you have those kinky thoughts. Sure, maybe some people won’t agree, but I’m going to encourage you all the way until the end.

Isn’t this exactly what started our relationship? You saw me waiting outside the bar arguing with the bouncer about my fake ID. I clearly didn’t look legal to drink. When you started to look me up and down, you couldn’t even guess how old I actually was.

My long blonde hair was in two perfectly made pigtails, and my outfit looked like I had just gotten out of Catholic school. I had…you would find out later on. You knew I was too young to be in the bar, but you told me you knew a better place we could hang out.

Then your naughty age play fantasies just came to life in front of your eyes.

You had so much fun playing with me once you brought me to your house. You finally found a girl who was just perverted as you. It was a win-win for both of us. Your house was the funnest place to be and we had an unlimited supply of booze and pot.

You started guessing my age when I was riding your cock, and the more you got it wrong, the harder your cock got. It made you come instantly when I finally told you the truth.

But our fun didn’t stop there. It wasn’t enough for me that you were sliding your cock inside me behind your wife’s back. You had told her you were running late at work every day this week, just so you could spend hours filling up my young tight pussy with so much cum, it never stopped leaking out.

I couldn’t count how much you had come to me. The things that were just naughty age play fantasies were becoming your real life. You could not believe it when I told you I wanted to expand a little bit.

I mean, of course, it’s fun playing with just the two of us.

I love being your age play princess, but if we are going to really knock out all of your naughty age play fantasies, we had to bring something else to the table.

When I suggested that I bring in one of the girls from my catholic school over you almost fell out of the bed. You looked at me to make sure I wasn’t joking, and of course, I wasn’t! What could be more fun than one hot young blonde?

Two of us! Just double the trouble and ready to play. Plus catholic girls are always so horny and down to fuck.

So, once I convince you that it would be so easy to bring one of my friends over, you are all in. I make my friend Samantha swear that she wouldn’t tell her parents where she was going. Before you knew it, you had two hot blonde babes in plaid schoolgirl uniforms knocking on your door.

Suddenly, your naughty age play fantasies were complete.

Samantha and I didn’t waste any time. We started kissing and making out with each other, making your girl on girl bisexual fantasy come true. She had never seen a cock before and was very impatient to get yours out.

I was just as shocked as you when Samantha started drooling and sucking on your cock. It looked like she was truly born to be a young cocksucker! I just had to take some photos so that we could always relive this moment. I had her smile with your cock down her throat while she looked up at the camera. She could even lick your balls at the same time.

Her raw talent was impressive, but I wasn’t going to let her take all my cum. Then, I got down on my knees with her and starting sucking your balls. Our mouths didn’t stop working on your cock until you shared your hot yummy load all over our faces! It tasted so good that we just had to share it with each other.

Let’s enjoy some ageplay phone sex together!

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