Girl on girl bisexual fantasy has been on your mind for a while now.

You have tried multiple things, and you have jerked on plenty of times. But the thought of seeing an actual girl on girl bisexual fantasy unfold right in front of you is so distracting. You can’t think about anything else. You need it. So clearly, of course, I have a solution to help you.

We have been fucking for a while now, just casually. Although lately, since I have known about your girl on girl bisexual fantasy, I have been teasing you non stop. Probably a little harder then you deserve, but it’s just so much fun. I can’t help it, especially when you look at me practically panting like a dog. But I’m not so mean! Then, I pick up my phone and call my friend, Sammy over for a sleepover fuck fest.

Sammy is a blonde just like me, but she’s taller then I am.

She has round perky tits and is so bubbly. I knew she would be perfect to act out your girl on girl bisexual fantasy. Luckily for us, she doesn’t live too far away. Within the hour Sammy was on my couch making out with me. Then, you got your video camera out and started recording us. Sammy and I winked at the camera.

We were going to have so fun much giving you the perfect girl on girl bisexual fantasy. The one you have been dreaming of since forever. Then, I started taking off Sammy’s white tank top. You could see under it practically any way, but I wanted to play with her tits. Before I started, I had you put the video camera on the tripod. Then I called you over and invited you to play with Sammy’s right breast while I licked and sucked on the other one.

Sammy’s loud moans filled the air followed by ours muffled by her nice tits. I slowly slid my hand on your boxers and I started to massage your cock. It was so hard already just like I knew it would be. Sammy’s eye caught on right away. Then she and I both got down on our knees in front of you.

We took your cock out of your boxers and started licking it up and down.

I was on the right side and Sammy was on the left. Now it was your turn to moan for us. I saw how wet Sammy’s pussy was getting when you started to leak pre-cum. I knew we had to have your cock inside of us. And I knew Sammy wouldn’t mind sharing your cock with me.

Then, Sammy and I stood up over you. We started making out again and you could see our tongues pushing and twirling against each other. Sammy has such a strong tongue. It even made me weak at the knees, but before I could get caught up in Sammy, I needed a big cock. And you were the perfect guy to give it to me.

So, I started to grind my tight pink pussy on the head of your cock. Sammy helped swirl your mushroom head around my pussy. It felt so good that my cunt started literally gushing on your hard throbbing cock. Soon enough, your cock was coated in my cunt juices without me even sliding down on it yet. But I couldn’t tease you or myself forever! So, I slide down and pushed your stiff cock inside my pussy.

I thought my pussy was already drenched but even Sammy was amazed at how much juice and cream my pussy was producing.

But I couldn’t have all the fun in this girl on girl bisexual fantasy of yours. I got off your cock and right away, Sammy started sucking on your cock. She loved the taste of all my juices and there was a lot of it! But she was just as impatient as I was. Then, Sammy got on your cock just like I did.

I loved watching her tits bouncing up and down. Then I got down on my knees and sucked on your balls while you fucked her deep. Suddenly, your thighs started to twitch and Sammy and I both looked at each other. We knew you were about to blow a huge load so Sammy hopped off your cock and got down on her knees with me. Perfect timing because the second she did, you blew a huge load all over our faces! All Sammy and I could do was look at each other and giggle. We had never seen one man have so much cum before.


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