So when I was still living in Florida I had a landlord their that was a older gentleman, I love older men…usually but he wasn’t so much my type and so I tended to avoid him for being such a creeper towards me. So I got hit with a bunch of bills one month and knew I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent that month. I’d heard from the girl next door that he gave extensions sometimes though the way she said it made me pause and wonder, none the less I went and saw him about it!

He was in the laundry room fixing one of the old dryers that constantly broke, he’d been asked time and time again by all the tenants in the building to purchase a new one and refused. I bit my tongue to keep from snipping about it because I knew the nicer I was the better my chance of getting him to let me pay him rent for this month and next would be.

“Hey jack do you have a minute?”

“What is it Tinsley?”

“Well I heard you give extensions sometimes and I really really need one! I promise you’ll get both the rent for this month and next months rent together!”

“I can’t just hand out extensions on a promise Tinsley”

“B-But! Please oh please i’ll give it to you in writing! I really really need this extension i’ll toss in a extra $50!?”

“I don’t want a extra $50”

“Then what can I give you?”

“…..” He paused answering me and stroked his chin in thought before looking me over from head to toe. The look on his face said it all. “I want you to wrap that mouth around my cock” he instructed.

I knew I wasn’t getting out of it, I didn’t bother trying to because I really really needed the extension so I got on my knee’s and slowly unzipped his pants and undid the buckle. He seemed surprised that I wasn’t protesting, I always thought he had a small cock but I found myself surprised as I stroked it to get it nice and hard, it was 8 inches long and a monster!  Being forced to pay rent this way wasn’t going to be so bad.

As soon as my mouth wrapped around it his hands were in my hair and he forced that cock all the way down my throat and gagging me. He was merciless pounding away at my mouth and causing me to choke and gag, I struggled to get a breath in and to keep the bile down. My eyes watered up and I looked up at him struggling to put some distance so I could take control but he looked down at me and just pounded harder and tightened his grip.

I dared not to bite down knowing i’d never get the extension I needed and took it as good as I could until he blew his load straight down my throat. When he pulled his cock out I spurted and coughed catching me breath.

“You got your extension and if you don’t pay when you say you are you’ll be paying for it with that sweet young body” he told me. I nodded dumbly and quickly got up leaving in a hurry while he put himself back together.

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