What is this short blonde hair babe up to? Well, don’t worry. And I don’t just play with guys you know 😉

So, I decided since it was a Friday night I should go out to one of my favorite bars. I never knew I would be ending the night playing with a short blonde hair babe. I quickly shower then choose my outfit. I’m questioning how I dress tonight in my heart I feel like something good will come out of it. Then, I grab my button up, some cargo shorts, and my black high tops. Looking into the mirror I get this boost of confidence.

I’m ready for tonight. My keys are on the counter, I cup them into my hands, and I immediately race to my car. Then, I blast Lil Skies and drive off. The bar isn’t too far.

I could walk, but I’m in the mood to blast my music. As I’m sitting at a red light I look to the side and see this short blonde hair babe walking up the street. So, I yell to her “you need a lift?” she looks up and smiles “No thanks I’m close to where I’m headed to”. Then, a car horn honks behind me. The light must’ve been green for a bit.

Then, she shakes her head. So, I keep driving, the bar is right there. Then, I find a parking spot and quickly I pull into it. I turn my car off and take one last look in the mirror. “You’ve got this,” I think to myself.

“Maybe the short blonde hair babe will be there”.

I shake my own head at the stupid thought. “She’s probably not even interested,” I say out loud to myself. Taking my keys I lock my car. Then walk across the street.

And, I see some familiar faces and smile at them. The bouncer knows me pretty well and comes in for a quick cheek kiss. I do so, and he lets me into the bar. The aroma is perfect. You feel safe and at home.

There is no judgment here. Then, I smile and walk up to order a tequila sunrise. To my surprise is the short blonde hair babe. I smirk. She knew I was coming here.

Soon, I feel her presence as she comes up to sit next to me. Twirling around she smiles “My name is Olivia”. “I’m Justine”. My tequila sunrise comes but I can’t take my eyes off this hot blonde girl in front of me. I take the straw and start to sip it fast.

This girl is actually talking to me. She takes my drink and starts to sip it. Olivia looks up at me “sooo..are you interested in…girls?” I laughed “Is it not obvious?”

Then, she blushes, “Sorry..sometimes people do it for fun.” Looking at her right in the eyes I say “I’m all for fun, but not games.” Olivia looks around, at the same time she takes my hand and rushes to the bathroom and with me in her arm we are suddenly in the biggest stall. “What is this short blonde hair babe going to do to me?” I feel my face getting hot at the thought. She notices and gets closer to me.

“Olivia…I…” she shuts me up by kissing me.

It’s passionate like nothing I’ve had before. Next, she pins me against a wall and starts to kiss down my neck grabbing my boobs. I let out a moan. “How could someone do this so fast.” I push back my thoughts as I start to take off her shirt.

I flip her onto the wall and take her bra off. Using my arm I push her neck and lean down to her nipples. I suck on them, lick them, and wait to hear her moan. She moans and moans begging me to not stop. I smile.

My hands explore her body. Feeling every velvet touch. I grab her inner thighs. Her hips start to thrust onto mine. I can’t help but feel powerful. I had full control.

Her blue eyes open to look at mine. Her face is red just the way I like it. She’s exhausted I see it, but I keep going. Then, I slip off her pants. Finally, I shove my fingers inside of her.

She grabs my back and moans super loud “Don’t stop Justine.” I go faster and faster hearing her moans is my new favorite thing. Her neck was covered in dark purple hickeys. I see her face enjoying every ounce of pleasure I was giving her. My fingers were slipping out because of how wet she was.

I shoved them in and out.

Over the course of a few minutes, she latches onto me. Then, her whole body begins to shake. Her face pressed against my neck. Her breath is heavy.

She’s so hot. Olivia looks up to me and says “Fuck you’re amazing”. She blushes. Olivia changes back into her clothes and hands me her phone. I put my contact in.

Olivia kisses me one last time “Have a good night Justine” she winks. Suddenly she’s disappearing outside of the bar. I walk out of the bathroom to see that my tequila sunrise is still there.

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