K.D. is aware of how much his words and his shaft turn me on… here’s another erotic contribution…
It was one of those mornings. Waking up in another hotel, in another city, in yet another time zone. Not sure where I am, or what day it is. But, as always, two things are constants in my hectic world: my shaft is a massive morning hard-on and speed dial #1 on my cellphone.
Sabrina purrs good morning, and my shaft dances with anticipation. The room is still dark and cool, the air conditioner humming in the background, as I prop my pillows perfectly, settling in for one of our favorite scenarios. Her voice is soft, as she tells me about her morning shower. The water caresses her skin as she touches herself, imagining coming back to join me in the luxurious bed we shared in the equally luxurious hotel suite. Her scent mingles with the warm air of the shower, her nipples harden as her fingertips dance playfully with her sweet, swollen clit. I begin to stroke my shaft slowly, closing my eyes to imagine her long legs, tight ass, and smooth skin being kissed by the warm water. I imagine her arching her back, her nipples waiting for my lips as the steam fills the room.
My shaft is full and thick when Sabrina comes back to the bed, her hair wet, wrapped only in a pure white towel. I admire every inch of her, from the perfect pedicure on the toes I have kissed playfully to the softness of her lips and deep sexual energy flashing in her eyes. My fingers caress my shaft her eyes wander to my thickness. She smiles.
The towel drops as Sabrina moves towards the end of the bed, her long legs still glistening from the warm shower. Slowly, slides herself into place, straddling me, her fingertips digging playfully into my shoulders. Seeing her hair, still wet, tumble over her shoulders, caressing her amazing nipples, has always turned me on incredibly, and this moment is no different. I lift my hips, almost begging her to ride me, but she only laughs softly.  Leaning forward, she kisses my lips lightly as she lowers herself slowly onto my throbbing cock head. She is trying to tease me, but I can tell how badly she wants this ride. She is wet, open for me to fill. I reach down, taking my shaft and stroking harder now. I fill even more, ready for Sabrina.
Lowering herself onto the full length of my thick shaft, I hear her moan lightly. Feeling her wetness caress me is almost more than I can take, but I hold back as she begins to ride me. The vision of this amazing woman, tits bouncing, hair tossed back as she slides up and down on my now massive cock is beyond description, and I revel in every moment, every sound as she rides my morning wood harder and harder. Reaching up, I grab her hips, and she immediately leans back, thrusting her tits out and up as her thighs squeeze mine tightly.
She moans again, a bit louder this time as the intensity of her mounting rises yet again. She is almost slamming onto my shaft, when I lift my hips, driving my cock deeply as she comes down hard onto my balls. Sabrina gasps, shudders twice, and I feel her explode, just as my own load empties deep inside her. Lifting her again, I drive my throbbing cock deeper, suspending her on my hips as she continues to cum hard, leaning back now with her fingers grabbing my legs for balance. I feel her sweet juices flowing along my shaft, as I empty myself, finally, deep inside her.
Releasing her grip on my legs, Sabrina falls slowly into the morning bed, exhausted. Taking her tiny foot into my hand, I massage it slowly, letting my fingers trace her ankle and the soft skin of her leg. The day begin as it should: with Sabrina satisfied, and her intoxicating juices glistening on my now tired cock.
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