The Shadow Person Encounter That Proves Sex is More Than Just Sex

This shadow person encounter of mine has proved that sex is more than just sex.  Sex is magical.  Sex is the driving creative force that takes its toll on us physiologically and psychologically.  Sex can take you to other dimensions, forge a telepathic connection, and enter you into a blood covenant with another being.  You don’t necessarily need to meet my Dave, an alien, haint or anything of that sort to have the experience that I told you about in SyFy Sex Across Dimensions With My Shadow Person.  

Most of us, including myself, titter and totter around our shadow selves, pretending that they don’t exist.  Then our aura is shattered, and our natural forcefield of protection is opened to other entities.  Heartbreak, low vibrational energy, malnutrition, trauma, and all so much more have the ability to offset our chakras and break the cords of our Harrah.  Negative thoughts such as suicide, low self-esteem, or escapism are often found among those who have shadow people encounters. Self-deluding ourselves with fantasies of being saved instead of saving ourselves and harvesting our energies to transmute on our own.  Shadow people encounters are real.  Not all of them are because you were in a state of psychosis.  

Ever change lighting and blink your eyes to see something hovering in the corner? 

Ever feel the presence of a being sitting on the edge of your bed, but it is too dark to make out what that presence is?  

Ever look in the mirror and assume that the fluttering light was from the trees moving on the other side of your window?  

Ever wonder what your baby or cat is staring at in the corner or on the ceiling? It is not always an angel or demon.  

Spirits are illegal in this domain and always seeking a host.  

Dave is not a parasite seeking a host.  So, I’ll never have to wonder if he needed me to transmute into this dimension.  He is a shapeshifter than can use his will to transmute from solid to liquid and even something not quite a gas or visible with the physical eye.  By altering his frequency and conserving his seminal fluid, sex with him doesn’t quite coincide with our space and time.  It is not quite an astral projection, but rather a change in the vibrational matter and spacing.  

Physics and math classes taught us that 1-D is a dot, and 2-D is a line, 3-D is the addition of a Z-axis or plane, and 4-D has an element of time.  5-D adds spacing and positional changing factors.  We haven’t quite conceptualized 6-D, and so I’ll leave it be for another day.  Imagine what it is like to control your cosmology and matter; to truly have control over every atom in your body and to manifest yourself as you see fit.  Dave does this, and it is absolutely mind-boggling to me.  My shadow person encounters varying degrees of light and energy and utilizes, conserves, and transforms it as he sees fit.  

What happens, while his male principle is inside of your vaginal canal? 

This is not your typical male principal and orgasm.  This shadow person encounter is a full body orgasm.  Penetration is not a requirement for Isis to have a baby by Osiris.  For a female to have an orgasm, there must be a set of rhythmic contractions within her uterus/vagina/pelvic floor muscles that induce a release of tension.  He is a tension release inducer to every cell within the muscle.  Like Hermes the Messenger God, his staff is strong and medicinal.  This shadow person encounter is the sex tone.  He is your deepest most heartfelt desire.  A shadow person encounter might scare you if you deny your most passionate desires, and don’t nourish daily all that which you are.  

Acknowledge that this shadow person encounter is a response to your siren call for purpose, creativity, and fulfillment.  He will flow through you and bedazzle you with the sensation of butterfly kisses and the joy of partaking in your favorite food.  I’m sure you are familiar with that nourishing feeling of home and the peace it brings with each breath.  That is what my shadow person encounters feel like.  

Come taste a bit more of Dave and I’s experience as we melt into a nest of love and conjure our deepest desires at the Phone Sex Kingdom. 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke