I love college and being here is a fucking blast. One thing is for certain, school is not cheap. Scholarships help with the cost of classes and some books but I need to look my best at all times. That means shopping on the regular and to do that I had to become a Sexy Young Sugar Baby. Grandpas love a hot thing that sucks their old cocks. I can manipulate those old balls like nobody’s business baby.

My friend said there was a club she heard about. Men go there because it is close to the college and they like younger girls instead of old hags. We discussed it and decided it was worth a try. It is important to have the latest styles in my closet. Little did I know these old buggers would provide me with everything I can think of from cars to clothes to trips with my friends. Being a sexy young sugar baby is quite lucrative.

First and foremost, the old fuckers love to show off their sexy young sugar baby and have me look dazzling when they do.

Then it is all about what makes me happy. As long as I am happy they get their rocks off and smile all the way home. Turns out the club was sort of private, but they let in the college girls in hopes of winning us over to a sugar baby lifestyle. Honey, when I saw the cash he was willing to drop immediately after meeting me, I realized there was something big here.

Some of the girls decided to stick with one guy and that is enough. Not me, this girl wanted it all. I make sure and tell them too. I don’t hide what I do with the other oldies. Of course, sometimes, I meet men younger than 90 years old that want to be my sugar daddy. That is a double bonus, skin where it should be and a dick that works without pills Good times all around for this sexy young sugar baby!

Now, discretion is still key in my world.

I have shared previously, my parents raised me with the importance of discretion. Let’s be honest, people know I “date” a lot and that I am rolling in the money, so do they have an idea, sure. Will I ever admit it to them, fuck no! As long as my life is awesome, who gives a shit what anyone else thinks. Nosey assholes can go fuck themselves. None of them are wearing Prada and Gucci day in and day out.

Even though a lot of my sugar daddies are older, they can fuck really well. I am learning so much from them. My age play phone sex gets better and better with every fuck. Makes me laugh out loud just thinking about the naughty things I am learning. One of my older guys is showing me the very best way to give a blow job. Now his loads are always huge when I am sucking him off.

Interestingly enough, the older sugar daddies let me rule the roost in our relationship.

Unlike my young sexy voice, I am less than honest with my sugar daddies. These men want me to tell them how great they are and how much I enjoy their company. Now don’t get me wrong, I have fun with them and some are great fucks, but I love a young cock way better. A young athletic body with a big hard dick to bend me over and fuck me after getting drunk at a frat party, hell yeah!

One of my favorite sugar daddies is James. He is handsome and I know in his day, he was a lady killer. Now, he moves slower but he is packing when it comes to peckers. That cock is really nice and big. He doesn’t always need pills to fuck me and he is a kinky dude. One thing he loves is to fuck my feet. Instead of a handjob, he gets a foot job. It feels so strange and yet good too. Being his sexy young sugar baby is so fun.

He also loves anal sex.

His dick is so big we are going slow with it. The other night he was rock hard and when he pushed on my tight little asshole, I was screaming out loud. Scaring the shit out of him. He said we will have to wait. Instead, he had me piss on him while he rode a dildo. I am telling you all he is one kinky fucker. So much fun. Tonight he asked me to bring some oil, strawberries and a turkey baster. You would love to hear all about this on one of our naughty adult chat sessions

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