Having a young voice comes with benefits. Above all, I get to be me and have young sexy voice fun. What does that entail, you ask? For starters, it means I get to play naughty games all the time. With me and my fetish phone sex, you get to enjoy calls like no other. I can be as young as you like and we can do the naughtiest of stuff together. Furthermore, one thing you won’t find from me is judgment. I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

You can be honest with me. Because I know deep down, you know you are a sissy boy that needs to be accepted. With young sexy voice fun, I am firm but also hot and young. If you want to be my little sissy you will need to do as I tell you. First of all, I have your girlie clothes ready. Finally, it’s time we get started with your transition. Are you getting excited, I am!

Young sexy voice fun is all about us getting honest.

Certainly, I will never turn you away. Total acceptance is what you find with me. Be the true you, a pretty sissy boy in pink. I love my sissy boys and want to help you find that inner girl. Let’s do this. Strip out of those ugly man clothes, now. Finally, shed all the day’s stress and worries with the clothes. That is a good boy.

Now, I want you to take that slip and put it on. Then the sexy satin panties. Consequently, pink is a great color on you! See the dress hanging there, I want you to put in on next. Oh my gosh, look how gorgeous you look! Grab those pantyhose and put them on too. I have a sexy pair of heels with your name on them sissy boy!

Once you step into those heels, stand in front of the full-length mirror!

Do circles so you can see all of you. Wow, you look amazing. Is your little clitty getting excited yet? Once I get you fully dolled up, I have a wonderful surprise for you. Don’t look worried, you will love the surprise, I promise. Sit down at my vanity so I put on your make-up. Would you like to be a blond, brunette or redhead? I have wigs of every color so you can choose.

Nice choice, red hair looks fantastic on you. It definitely brings out your eyes. I am so proud of you for being brave enough to do this. You need a new feminine name too. How about Heather? You look like a Heather. Okay, come with me. I have some guests over I want to introduce the new you. Remember to walk as I showed you in the heels. The gentleman I invited over believe you are my mother. Fun, right?!

With my fun sexy young voice, we get to have mother/daughter experiences together.

You are going to own this new you. Furthermore, I want you to walk out there confident and sexy. They both have big sexy cocks for us to play with. I am so excited, I love being naughty and who better to be naughty with than my sissy boy mother? We are going to rock their world, Heather. Get ready to be the sexy bitch you are now!

Wow, Joe is really checking you out, Mom! Do you think he is sexy? You do, don’t you? I see the way you bat your eyelashes at him. His hands are definitely finding a way to touch during the conversations. He has nice big strong hands too. Just imagine how nice they will feel running up and down your body. Hence, it will be pure ecstasy, Heather! Loving that happy smile, girl! So call me and let’s have sissy boy phone sex.