I was THAT sexy young neighbor.

The sexy young neighbor you dreamed of having and dreamed of watching through her bedroom window. Would you believe I was that young, flirty girl that loved to show off for MY neighbors? My bathroom and bedroom windows were both in perfect view of my neighbor’s bedroom when I was younger. I was a little flirt and loved to get any attention I could, and that has never changed! So, I did a little bit of everything, from cheerleading to gymnastics. And I always practiced and bounced around my room in tiny little short shorts, skirts, and sports bras. Imagine having a little bouncy girl next door like that.

Could you have handled me living next to you and showing off every chance I got? He loved getting any peek of his sexy young neighbor, and of course, I loved to give him plenty. I’d practice and stretch out in my room, in full view of the window; sometimes, I even opted to do the Splitz on my bed. And I was such an upbeat, flirty young girl that I started shopping at Victoria’s Secret early. It’s no doubt that I loved their PINK collection, all their frilly, lacy, small lingerie that was perfect for me and my perky little tits. Sometimes I even danced around my room in my underwear while I practiced all of this. I knew he was watching, and I loved it.

He loved to watch me.

I peeked over towards his window often, sometimes. Sometimes I even caught him looking at me while he caught ME looking at him. He grew enthralled watching his sexy young neighbor dance. So I flashed a little, sly smile and continue what I was doing. He quickly realized my little shows were for him. I grew to be such a little flirt that I even started looking up how to give lapdances. I’d practice them in my room, referencing the video. Other times I danced late at night when I knew his wife was home, but he couldn’t resist sneaking up to his room to watch. He dreamed of a little ageplay phone sex with me, but it was so forbidden, all he could do was watch.

As I grew older, I grew naughtier, experimenting with teen cheerleader seduction and all! But these were my golden days of growing into the naughty young woman I would become. Soon enough, he couldn’t keep his eyes or his hands off his sexy young neighbor. One day, when my parents weren’t home, I laid back on my bed. I illuminated my room in pink fairy lights to let him know the show was on. And right on schedule, his head popped up in his window, peeking and watching me from a distance. I laid back along my bed, dropping my hands to play with the little frilly white pleated skirt from school.

I didn’t wear panties underneath.

So he watched, and he stared hard at me once he realized what I was doing. His sexy young neighbor wasn’t just dancing for him this time. This time, I slipped my fingers down along my pussy. I moved the skirt up from time to time, so he struggled to get a better view. My puffy, pink pussy lips flushed as I played with myself. My pussy left my fingers dripping wet. And I grew so hungry for his attention that I looked directly at him as I licked my pussy juices off my fingers. I saw all his inhibitions vanish at once. His wife was home, and yet, he ran downstairs and out the door.

Whatever excuse he made up to get out of the house, I’ll never know. But soon, a knock rang against my door. I giggled and sprinted down to let him in. He finally won the chance he wanted: a chance to fuck his sexy young neighbor. I took his hand and guided him upstairs, where he quickly tossed me onto the bed. My fingers slipped down to my pussy, toying with it, playing with it, and letting him watch hungrily from the side of the bed. But before long, he couldn’t take it; he grew rock hard for me. I moaned for him to fuck me as my fingers dripped with my pussy juices. And he finally did.

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