My coach falls prey to wild teen cheerleader seduction.

Teen cheerleader seduction is everything they warn coaches about. They warn volleyball coaches, basketball coaches, and anyone else you can think about. But more than anything, they know cheerleaders are the wild ones of the sports world. We love to party, and we love to fuck, and it sure as hell starts early! It was one of my first fetish phone sex fantasies I ever had. Obviously, I was a cheerleader all through my school years, even into college. I always dreamed of having a handsome coach to flirt with all through practice. Hell, sometimes I’d even flirt with my boyfriend’s football coach. But all that changed when my team hired a new, handsome man to coach us.

The new coach’s name was Tyler. He caught every girl’s attention right off the bat when we walked into the gym on his first day. We didn’t realize at first that he was the new coach. Once introduced, it was all starry eyes and glitter. He enchanted everyone on the team, and of course, we worked our magic right back. I flirted all through my first interaction with him. He must have been well-warned of teen cheerleader seduction antics because he gave me a smirk and nothing else. So, I had to play hardball. I hiked up my skirt just enough to make it look subtle but sexy. During the exercises, I’d bend over a little too much to show just how flexible I was.

He knew what I was doing.

But obviously, he wasn’t going to call out my teen cheerleader seduction mischief in front of everyone. Instead, he suffered through it (or indulged in it.) It was almost like I became the slutty teacher’s pet, but the sporty version. Obviously, Tyler loved it. After a while, he finally concluded the practice and sent us off to the lockers. Rather than call it a day, I decided to stop by his office. I think I was the first to blur that line and visit him. He looked up from his desk as I knocked on the door, almost a little shocked I was there and intrigued by what I was wearing.

I came straight to his office with a sporty crop top on and little black short-shorts. It was just short, tight, and form-fitting enough to be seductive but sporty enough to look like I was about to go run and train a little bit. He clearly liked it, and he flushed at the cheeks while talking to me. Before he knew it, I was working all my teen cheerleader seduction antics on him. I locked the door behind myself and shut the blinds. He watched patiently on bated breath as I shut the blinds and acted like I needed to discuss something personal about my spot on the team.

But he knew I wanted him.

I gave him all the signs I needed to. Slowly, I rounded the desk and leaned up against the edge on his side. He gulped, trying not to show me how much he wanted me. But I took his hand gently and set it on my thigh, and a massive grin flashed on his face like he struggled to hold back. With what I knew. I dropped down slowly and stole a kiss against his cheek, a tame but cheeky little move. He chuckled softly and let his hand fall to my hip, caressing my ass a little as he moved his hand around. I felt all his inhibitions fade away from my teen cheerleader seduction. As my hand caressed his cock, I slowly slipped down to my knees in front of him, tugging his pants free.

My soft lips stole kisses along his chest and finally stopped at his cock… Just like that, he was mine. One kiss, and he moaned softly and begged for more. I slipped him down my little throat and showed him how much I wanted him. All my teen cheerleader seduction paid off right then. The cheer-leading coach craved me, and now he had me. And he probably thought he was a little perv that got to fuck me! Can you imagine? No, honey. Pro-tip: if her underwear matches, she scored YOU.

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