Sexy Wedding Hesitancy! Are We Really Ready, Baby

Da, Dum, Da, Dum… Yeah. Uh huh. Every little girls’ dream, right? So, why am I eXXXperiencing sexy wedding hesitancy?  I don’t know. I’ll try to explain it. To BOTH of us! Haha. When I was just a little girl, I remember my Mom and sisters playing bride with extra pieces of fabrics and lace. Oh! I played too. And it was great fun. But, the older I get and the more I see of marital relationships, the MORE reluctant I have becum.  And just what turned that tide for me? Have a seat! Much like my other tales, this will take some twists and turns, so buckle up! It’s bound to be a tumultuous ride and some really sexy wedding hesitancy!

I’m going about my life as usual. You know, wake, shower, brush teeth, grab a cup of Joe, rush through traffic, do your gig, rush back, feed the dog, flop on the bed, grab a quick nap, then out to party. Oh! Do you know the story? All of a sudden, ALL of my girls are talking about “The One” and “wedding bells”. Oh, GOD. Please stop! This is all crazy talk, I tell ya! I’m barely 30! Let’s slow this ship down a bit, shall we? I’m still in the fling part of my life. You know, like when the exhibitionist strikes again! Haha.

Unexpected Sexy Wedding Hesitancy!

I was out to lunch with my girls when I noticed a distinguished-looking gentleman across the restaurant. It was during a statement I was making about really liking older men. I had pointed him out to the ladies and we were mid-giggle when he approached.  Needless to say, all schoolgirl giggling immediately ceased, Tee hee

“I would be pleased to learn your name, Miss” came this booming voice aimed at me! What? My hand extended upward to meet his waiting hand and his lips quickly thereafter. Did I already say, “What?” So gallant! Heartbeat pickup, dry mouth, quickly snatch hand back! What the fuck for real! This isn’t supposed to happen to me. But, I fell. Moreover, I became the whore to the most ruthless pimp I know. LOVE.  Don’t laugh. I mean it. Love will make you agree to all kinds of crazy shit. However, the biggest one of all…”Yes. I’ll marry you!” (as he’s on one knee before me). Starting to have that sexy wedding hesitancy.

Can I Relieve my Hesitancy?

Me! Joey, said, yes. So, on what should I blame it? The fact that he knows my pussy better than even I do? Perhaps, it’s the way he pounds that pussy into submission or deep-throats me to the edge of cumming and releases me (damn him! Haha), his tonguing technique is beyond reproach. My clit has learned to scream his name independent of my vocal cords, which are always busy swallowing around his wanting dick. I’m his Mistress, his slave, his whoring wife-to-be, his daughter, his friend.

I will gladly be any woman he needs me to be, at the very moment he needs me to be. I love him. But, a wedding? As they say, brides always go through some sexy wedding hesitancy. Believe me, I’m not eager to rock the boat on our perfect seas. But, someday? Maybe?

We still keep it sexy every chance we get. But, we’re in a rather long-distance relationship. Though, he is mine… And I am cumpletely his.  So, if you need some tips on keeping it sexy are readily available. And I’m just the chick to tell them to you. Call me and let’s dish! Maybe, I’ll get you over your own sexy wedding hesitancy! Maybe you’ll get some hot, cheating wife phone sex!

Just Joey

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