The Exhibitionist Strikes Again in a Highrise!

The exhibitionist strikes again every time I see something or, someONE I want!  First of all, I’d never lived in a high-rise before & for the first week, I was captivated looking into windows of the building opposite mine. It was exciting to look into people’s lives; watching in complete anonymity.

There was a musician, a cook, an architect, and others I couldn’t figure out. It was about to take a turn. I was just scanning when I noticed lights on in the penthouse, which had been dark ever since I moved in. The man moving from room to room was gorgeous. He was 6’4” with no fat, and he was buck-ass naked.

How an Exhibitionist Strikes Again

He was 6’4” with no fat, and he was buck-ass naked. So, I ran to get my glasses for a better look. In addition, I timed it just right as he came out of the shower dripping wet and seriously well-hung. In fact, his limp dick hung to mid-thigh! And just like that, the exhibitionist strikes again! I slid my hand into my pajamas and fingered myself right there. Clearly, this man does NOT need Jerk Off Instructions from anyone! But, as he dried his body, his cock grew noticeably thicker. GOD, he was beautiful! Suddenly, he looked right at me, and I realized he could see me clearly with the lights on! FUCCCK!

Should I Allow it When the Exhibitionist Strikes Again?

He smiled, reached down, and stroked that BEAST!  Then, he pulled a chair to the window. I watched as he jerked it slowly, then faster. Suddenly, I squirted over the balcony with the doors open! He smiled, stood up, and I swear, I heard him laugh. Then, he stuck his tongue out. I swear it touched the bottom of his chin! That tongue drove me over the edge and, I squirt again! The fucking exhibitionist strikes again! Oh, I was nowhere near finished with my balcony lothario! I needed to kick it up a notch by sliding my “fuck machine” out from under my bed.

What Happens When the Reverse Exhibitionist Strikes Again?

This wasn’t for the faint of heart. And, saying I’d NEVER done this in front of the world is an understatement! But, desperate times, call for desperate measures. Just watching me, he exploded onto his own window; a shot-glass-full that first stuck, then slowly oozed down his window.

And, without wanting to, my tongue slid from between my lips and I mock-licked, and slurped towards him before I brought up my cum-soaked-hand.  Then, the exhibitionist strikes again and he mouthed a silent, “Thank you” and closed his window. He drew the drapes and walked in silhouette to his bed and lay down before switching the lights off. Damn! One thing’s for sure, tomorrow I’m buying a telescope! Call me to get your lusty phone sex needs to be met by a horny woman who’s eager to please.

Get to your window right now! Look around for the brightly lit room, then search for me, naked and ready for our romp!

Kiss, kiss,

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