Sexy vampire fantasy Pt.2.

A sexy vampire takes my virginity fantasy role play part 2. I felt a sharp pain from his fangs being plunged into my thigh, he pulled away I could see my blood decorating his mouth. He licked his lips cleaning the blood from his mouth then put his head back between my thighs and he licked at the two puncture wounds on my thigh. My thigh was sensitive to the touch it was a mixture between pain and pleasure and my virgin pussy was dripping wet, I wanted the sexy vampire so bad. My desire for him made my skin feel hot and almost feverish to the touch, his skin was so cold against mine. He brought his flaccid cock to my mouth and I started sucking on him, The blood he just drank from me rushed to his cock making him hard as a rock.

I sucked his cock, taking him deep in my throat. His moaning let me know I was pleasing him. I want him to want me as I want him. Then I licked his shaft down to his balls licking and sucking them playing with his balls in my mouth. I could feel them getting fuller and his skin getting tighter. His cock was so hard I just wanted to feel him inside of me. He pulled his cock out of my mouth it was dripping wet with my saliva.

The sexy vampire got between my legs pushing them apart with his knees.

He stroked his cock against my clit. My pussy gushed with wetness. He guided his cock into my tight virgin pussy forcing every inch inside my tight hole. I felt my cherry pop it hurt but felt so good at the same time I just didn’t want him to stop. He fucked me hard and deep, cumming inside me giving me my very first cream pie. He pulled his softening cock out of me. Then he got between my legs and licked up the blood from my virginity and sucked out all of his cum.

This concludes my sexy vampire Roleplay! I hope you liked it! I’m looking forward to acting out this roleplay with you.

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