I am the Sexy Ultimate Sissy Maker you’ve longed for you entire life. It is something inside you that is screaming out, I am a woman! I get it and I appreciate your situation.  There is no one like me in the world. My skills are unparalleled and I am proud of the work I do. Of course, you should know this isn’t an easy transition. Therefore, to make sure you are ready to face the world, it comes with some intense preparation.

As brave men like you are ready to come out of the cocoon, not everyone is accepting of that new you. People are dicks and can be cruel. As the sexy ultimate sissy maker, it is my goal to prepare you for these assholes as well as the rest of the world that is accepting you with open arms. That being said, part of the regimen for the transition may involve humiliation with harsh words. Not many, just a few to prepare you. We can discuss this during our initial session.

Of course, I know you can handle anything this sexy ultimate sissy maker throws at you!

I have all the faith in the world in your baby girl. So many men are searching for guidance to release their inner sissy boy. They are ready to embrace their feminine side and feel the satin lingerie on their skin. However, it isn’t that simple, is it? You need to be ready for all that comes at you. I know you are craving more than satin lingerie. Isn’t that right sweetie?

You are craving big hard cocks. When you are in the locker room at the gym, it is all you can do not to get a hardon. Every cell in your body is ready to bend over and take those big boys right there in that sweaty locker room. Of course, you can’t do that without repercussions. My goal is to help create your sissy boy persona that gives you a way to go out and get the big dicks you are craving.

If you aren’t ready for the real thing, my real feel role-play will take you there instead!

Here at the Phone Sex Kingdom, I am helping the men that have been searching for so long. Men that have been to so many others and now, have found their sexy ultimate sissy maker to show them the way. You no longer have to be frustrated or confused. This goddess is here to guide and show you all you need to know for a perfect sissy boy transition.

One of my favorite things is Sexy Online Shopping with my sissy transformation sessions. I love cotton, silk, and satin. These are the materials you will be wearing the most. You are going to see how they make you feel sexy and beautiful. Also, men love rubbing their hands on your body when you are wearing these materials. My goal is to get you the perfect items in the right colors for your skin tone.

Of course, then you have the lessons to use these new items.

What to wear with what, how to put them on, caring for your delicates, and making sure you are wearing them properly. Then, you need to know how to walk, talk, and stand when you are interacting with your gentlemen callers. I am here to show you all you need to know so you look like a fucking diva strolling into a room, wooing every man to stare in awe of you!

They will drool from the second your sexy sissy boy ass is walking into the room. The ladies will want to be you and the men will want to be inside you. Oh, yes, those cocks will be standing at attention and ready for fun. Of course, you have to have the skills to talk to them once you have made your grand entrance. As your sexy ultimate sissy maker, it is my job to teach you all the right things to say.

From the moment you open your perfect lipstick lips, they will be hypnotized by you.

The words will be flowing out of you like the sweet scent of flowers. All of the people in the room will be focusing on you. Ready to hear what you say and react. Even women will adore you. Once you have wooed the men, you can have your pick. Which one will it be, pretty girl? A big handsome BBC stud or a burly white boy. You pick him out and gently guide him to your place.

Once there, it is going to be up to you to make sure it is a smooth time. Be sexy and show him all I am teaching you. Kissing him, using your hands, and letting him touch your sexy lingerie. What happens from there baby girl? Curious to know, reader? Or role-play it out with me? Call me now!

Sexy Ultimate Sissy Maker