Look At That Sexy Teen Lifeguard Over There!

So, does your local pool have a sexy teen lifeguard?  I’m sure you’ve had a huge crush or a boner just looking at them in their lifeguard chairs.  I’m sure you have wished that you were the one that needed assistance.

Perhaps those desires have been dormant for a while.  However, looking at these sexy lifeguards makes any man’s dick hard thinking of the steamy teen sex stories.  At our pool, there was more than one lifeguard on duty at a time.  There were a few hot male lifeguards and also a few part-time female lifeguards.  No one caught the male eyes like one sexy teen lifeguard.

So onto the juicy lifeguards!

Wendy was one such lifeguard.   Just looking at her on duty made many hot guys crave to see under that bikini.  Furthermore, these rumors were circulating that Wendy offered some of the other lifeguards extra help if you know what I mean.  At first, I didn’t believe my friend Terra when she told me she caught her in the locker room giving a blow job to one of the other male lifeguards.

One one hand who could blame a guy for wanting some relief on the job?  She was so hot to look at long blonde hair, firm tits, an hourglass shape waist, a round ass, and tanned long sexy legs that you easily imagine around your head.

Anyways, my girlfriend and I went to the pool together one hot summer day.  Terra wanted her sunscreen but had left it in the locker room.  While rummaging in her bag she heard a noise at one of the aisles of the locker room.  Rather than mind her own business Terra followed the sound.  Her mouth dropped when she took in the sight in front of her very eyes.

The sexy teen lifeguard was on her knees!

Oh, yes Wendy was on her knees while another hot male teen lifeguard spread his legs to let her in to suck his hard cock.  Terra couldn’t look away from the sight.  It both amused her and gave her something to gossip about with me later on at the pool.  Wendy licked his cock as he closed his eyes and fucked her face.

When Terra told me about this after coming back I was partially in disbelief but curious about what took place.  Hence, I had to see for myself.  Not that I didn’t believe her, but I think just catching them would be priceless fun.  I told Terra I would be back and made some lame excuse to go to the locker room.  I’m sure she knew what I was doing.

Generally, people only came here to get things or change.  I followed the noise I heard and saw more than I was ready to see.  He was on his knees behind Wendy licking her ass hole.  His tongue dipped in and out as she fucked his face with her round bottom.  He was stroking his dick.

Suddenly they looked over and saw me.  Their mouth dropped open.  They hastily apologized and said they would do anything as long as I didn’t tell anyone.  His name was Mark and I was finally going to get my chance to fuck him.

Next, I got in front of the sexy teen lifeguard and had her lick my pussy.

I must say, Mark was very well-hung.   I could definitely tell that Wendy had been down below a woman’s waist before.  Her expert licking said it all.  I held her close as she licked and licked my pink clit and pussy till I came all over her face.

Mark was over to the side stroking that big monster of a cock.  He was moaning trying to keep his cum from shooting prematurely.  The fun wasn’t over.  Mark spread my legs apart and entered my pussy with a hard stroke.  The sensation made me scream in pleasure and slight pain.

The force of Mark’s thrust pushed me down to my hands and knees over the bench.  He thrust in and out, the head of his fat dick awakening every part of my wet pussy.  It was so hot watching Wendy part her legs and see her finger on that sweet wet cunt of hers.  She threw her head back and moaned as she wet her hand with her cunt juices.

I wanted to do so much to these two sluts.  There is so much more to share with you about these sluts.  I want to be your teen phone sex fantasy girl.


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