I Didn’t Mean To Tease You

I moved into a new building recently and there’s several other high rises in the area . We can all sort of see each other if we are on the balcony’s, or if one wanted to be really naughty and use a telescope or a pair of binoculars. I was out sunbathing on my balcony and I could see several people on the building opposite me out on theirs as well. I was smoothing the suntan lotion on myself and laying back . I guess a few of the men noticed me, I wasn’t meaning to be a tease. I was just doing my thing and they were doing theirs.

It was around sunset one night and I didn’t notice anyone looking my way. I was honestly feeling a little horny and I didn’t think anyone would notice if I happened to linger a bit longer than usual on my crotch area .I’d been touching myself with the lotion. I was just idly caressing myself through the swimsuit and it felt so good. I hadn’t cum in several days and I didn’t want to go inside. The breeze was lovely, the temperature was perfect. It was just so comfortable laying on the chaise lounge there in my tiny bikini.

cj the teaseI Love To Touch Myself

I let my hand slip inside my bikini bottoms and began to tease my stiffened clit .I was wet, the bottoms of the bikinis were damp, a full on wet spot had formed. I slid my middle finger into my wet cunt and then dragged the juices up over my clit.  I rubbed it in little, tiny circles and then I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. A man on the building opposite mine was watching me. He had his cock in his hand and was rubbing it. I then looked around and thru my sunglasses saw several men watching . I was masturbating there on my lounge chair on the balcony, a few of them were rubbing their cocks.

I Guess I Just Like Being Watched


I never intended to tease anyone. I was just so horny and began to touch myself. They all seemed to be enjoying the view though. So I decided to put on a bit of a show. I removed the bikini bottoms and I spread my legs open wide and put my feet on the handrail. My cunt was in full view. The setting sun was right on me, I wondered if they’d see my pussy glistening in the sunlight between my legs from that far away?

I could see their arms moving back and forth as they were jerking off and I was continuing to rub my pussy faster and faster, my hand a blur as I worked my stiff and horny clit for all to see that wanted to. I was having a good time being a naughty tease right out in the open, I’d never been so brazen before and honestly, it was fun! I wriggled my fingertips a few more times and was soon cumming and crying out in ecstasy and they were cumming and going back inside after I did. All I could think of was I hoped no one was walking by underneath as the cum was raining down from the balconies of the masturbating men. I’m not sure if I will go that far again, but it was fun.

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