It was early October when everyone starts to plan for their Halloween parties. I get all these invites ,so I go threw them and read them all. I base my decision on how the invitation is like if it has some thought and class to it. So I made my choice and the winner is Sosha’s not only did her invite have class she was a beautiful, sexy single woman whom I have often daydreamed about. It’s weird though I never see her out grocery shopping,exercising or anything during the day only at night she jogs late at night goes to 24 hour stores and of course the local watering hole. She is a very stunning woman she is 5’8 about 140 pounds long black hair with red highlights her breast is the perfect 34 C.
Like I said I have often daydreamed about her. I am not too shabby looking myself I stand 5’7 135 pounds nice 34c breast and long red hair.I can only imagine the two of us looking stunning and oh so sexy together anyway. I need to decide exactly what it is a am going to dress up as to go to her party. I bet it is going to be a super hit her house from the outside is huge and elaborate. So I am tossing Ideas around in my head so I am thinking a sexy beautiful hot succubus costume.

The day is here party day I am super excited for many reasons 1. I can’t wait to see the inside of her home and how she has decorated it for the occasion and 2. Dying to know what her super sexy beautiful ass is going as. So I start my day by going to the salon getting a pedicure and having my nails done in a blood red and shaped into a point. I also decided to get a Brazilian wax you never know what the night has in store for me. After all is said and done, I go home have a glass of wine chill out a little. Her party doesn’t even start till 10 I thought that was a little odd, but whatever I am still going to have fun. The time seems to fly by so I put my sexy attire on doing my makeup and hairdo a little spot check and I look at the clock and it’s 5 till10 right on time. Out the door I go. I get there at about 10:15 just right, I go to the door and ring the bell, but scary music plays impressive I like it. Her butler welcomes me in. Everything is red and black her walls were red and the trim was black in the foyer I touch the walls, they were done in red velvet classy. As I continue on to where the butler took me to the ballroom the walls and trim were done the same way. There were coffins all around the sides of the room. She had a fountain in the middle of the room that was flowing red thick substance whatever it was, it was hot. Her place was done up and looked beautiful.

There were about 50 or so people there all dressed in their costumes. Then Sosha walks and stands at the top middle of her double spiral steps she was dressed as a sexy vampiress she was smoking hot and made one hell of an entrance. She walked down the steps and started greeting people. I went over and got a drink. I watched as she made her way around the room greeting everyone. She was so elegant, beautiful and sexy. She hadn’t made her way to me yet. Actually, some of her guests were saying that it was getting late and they had to leave cause they had kids she understood.

She finally made her way over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss right on my neck I couldn’t help but be turned on by this. We talked some she asked me if I had anyone in my life I answered no, not as of yet she said yes me neither which I didn’t get cause she was drop dead beautiful. You could see the place was thinning out slowly. She said come on let’s go sit down and catch up more I was more that obliged to do so.

So we were sitting there a little close it was a red velvet love seat and we were just talking about general things. Not paying a single attention to what was going on and the next thing I knew it was 1:30am and it was just us. She looks at me and then said it’s just us, let the party begin. She smoked a joint with me and when we were done, she grabbed me by the hand and said here let me show you around. We went upstairs and she brought me right to her room where her wall were black velvet with red trim. Her bed was a giant pair of lips it was huge. She says I hope you don’t mind me bringing you right to my room of course I didn’t. She started to kiss me very seductively I was enjoying every minute of it. She was kissing my neck going down it to my nice round subtle breasts. She asked me if I ever wondered why I don’t ever see her during the day I said I did wonder about that. She then told me why she asked me if she could taste me, I said yes, she said not just taste you taste you but a deep taste. I know what she was talking about after she told me what she was. She laid those teeth right into my neck but in such a sexy way I got all wet she got what she wanted, but she didn’t stop there, she slid all the way down to my vaginal region I could feel her hot breath on me I got even wetter.

Her Lips
 We slowly undressed one another, holding each other close breast to breast she gently pushed me back on the bed and took total control over me. She started teasing and tasting my pussy I actually thought I was in heaven. She fingered my tight pussy and licked me at the same time until I was moaning and cumming. I then lay there for a moment next to her trying to quit shaking and when I finally did. I then started at her neck, kissed down to her subtle, beautiful breast and licked them until her nipple were hard as rocks. I kissed down her stomach to her beautiful pussy.
I parted her lips with my tongue and started eating her and fingering her, she came all over my face and when she did, she pulled me up to her so she could lick it all off. She asked if she could taste me again, meaning she wanted to taste the blood I said yes, she put her soft lips on my neck again and began to suck not too much but just enough. We laid there and talked until about an hour before the sun came up, she said you are more than welcome to stay my dear, but I have to go now you know how we vampires are with the light I understood and chose to leave but made plans to return the following night. I kissed her lips intently and told her sweet dreams and left.
I want to be bad!
I definably chose the right in