Sexy Submissive Girl

Can you believe I use to be a sexy submissive girl?  Of course that was a long time ago but it’s fun to revisit. I often wonder where he is these days. Would I still fall submissive to him even though I am now more dominant? Funny how a neighbor can come into your life and completely change it, He was mysterious, dark and hot. Before him I wasn’t submissive or dominant really, I was just an ordinary girl. I could see into his bedroom from my bedroom window, He would come into his room wearing a towel, dripping wet from his shower. That wet shower look is so hot. I think he knew he could turn me into his submissive sex slave. And he had to know I saw him jerking off a few times. His Thick big dick made me desire him.

Sometimes I saw him with the girls he brought home. Now that I am thinking about it they were all submissive girls. The things he would do to them were crazy. Once he tied a girl to the bed and teased her with a feather. Then he would use different kinds of sex toys on them. Some girls he would spank. There was a wall with paddles and whips. At this point in my life I was a virgin when it came to trying kinky things. Spankings were something you got from your parents. And those spankings didn’t make me do what those submissive girls did. As for sex toys, what were those?! Just giving you an insight to my vanilla life. I didn’t even know what submissive or dominant even meant. Yes, I was a naïve girl.

Sexy Neighbor Changed My Sex Life

But then one day my life changed. I had snuck into my neighbors house just checking out his toy collection. The paddles and whips were all different styles and sizes. They also laid out from smaller to bigger. Curiosity led me all around the room touching everything. As I touched I would picture how each toy was used on those submissive girls. When he used these toys on them I could hear their moans from my house. Their backs would arch and they would throw back their heads as they howled with pleasure. They were so submissive they could cum on demand. The visions made me want to be a sexy submissive girl.

But I got so caught up in the moment I didn’t hear him come in. I got busted in the room touching his toys. He really wasn’t all that mad once I explained why I was there. I was completely truthful. He understood I was curious and decided to show me what it felt like to a submissive girl. He reaffirms my feeling before laying me down on the bed. Slowly, he takes off my clothes. Then he touches me down, softly, gently. My arms tied to the headboard and my ankles tied at the footboard. As you probably guessed it he teased me. He fingered me but wouldn’t let me cum. Then used a sex wand to vibrate my cunt while I was tied up. Still he didn’t let me cum. Now I know what it means to be submissive.

Push me tease me drive me crazy

He drives me crazy edging me with this sex wand. Finally, he takes it away and kisses all over my body. I can feel his mouth moving from my lips to my neck. His mouth now traveling down my body all the way down to my pussy. I feel his tongue making my pussy wet I squirm. Now I was one of those submissive girls he tied up and teased. After licking my pussy he spanked me with a whip. The small thin flat top smacked my pussy. Then he smacked my thighs and last he slapped my tits. Just like all the other submissive girls before me.

This dark mysterious man made me do things I would NEVER normally do! But there is a time and a place to spill out my sexy submissive girl secrets. Are you looking for a Mistress or Slave? Call one of the sexiest phone sex girls.