A seductive game of Mistress or slave

Mistress or slave? What would you be? The very first time I had the choice was in college. We were loading the vans for our educational field trip when he sat next to me. I knew him from school , he was very mysterious and very good looking. After a long day of educational learning’s we were setting into our hotel rooms. I remember running into him when getting ice in the hall he walked me to my room. When we got to my hotel room door he pulls a bottle of liquor from the inside of his jacket. Then he offers me a few drinks to make up for the boring conversation we shared in the halls. Of course a college girl can’t refuse a drink. After such a long day a night cap was just what I needed.

We poured a few drinks I was just starting to feel a buzz, but was unsure if it was the alcohol or deep down inside was it me that just didn’t want him to leave. After the buzz completely sets in he ask if I would be willing to have a little risk in my life with all that liquid courage running through me I reply “sure”. He pulls a quarter out of his pants pocket and asks “heads or tails”? I laugh and reply “heads” and it turns out heads. Again he says and again I win. He tells me how good I am at this and raises the stakes a little. “this time if you win pick mistress or slave mistress makes the rules slave is a slave but for tonight only”. Nervously I agree to play and I pick tails.

A coin toss to determine mistress or slave

The coin flips through the air and back down into his hand and comes out as tails he ask “mistress or slave”? Unsure if I can go through with this there is a long pause and then he ask again mistress or slave? I go with slave sir. He lays me down on the bed, I can feel his mouth moving from my lips to my neck. His mouth now traveling down my body all the way down to my pussy. I feel his tongue making my pussy wet I squirm only because it’s so good I can’t sit still.

Then he grabs these chain like things with locks on them and uses it to tie my hands to my feet from behind my back and reminds me slave is slave and a deal is a deal. Then he gets behind me and sticks his cock in me, pounding me until he explodes I can feel the warm creamy liquid building up in me. Like school stories? I am one of those girls who can be submissive or dominant. Need to be my new pet? I can do that! You will leashed collared and all mine.

Your naughty sex slave