Are you ready to be leashed collared and all mine

Enter my Kinky little mind and surrender yourself to me. Be leashed collared and all mine! You like being my little sex slave and you love how I dominate your mind and body. You’ll surrender completely to your mistress and you’ll enjoy letting me know how much it pleases you to please me. Will you let me have full control over you? Yes, because you don’t have a choice. Now tonight I want you on your knees in front of me and I’m going to blind fold you and collar you. I like to collar my sex slaves. Then I’m going to attach the leash to the collar and wrap then end of the leash around my hand.

Now your leashed collared and all mine. Since your already on your knees start by using your tongue to please your mistress but every time you mess up I’m going to tug on the leash and that tug will give you a slight choke. But a little choke might just get you excited huh?

Your Mistress loves to be worshiped

Take that tongue and work it up my inner thigh and move your tongue slowly towards my pussy. Pussy worship is what your mistress craves. Worship like the slave you are and treat me like a queen. Now I want you on your back on my bed and remember I still have you leashed and collared. I’m going to start by taking my tongue and running it from your tongue, down your lips, down your chest, and down to your abdomen, and finally down to your cock. I’m going to slowly drag my tongue down the shaft of your cock and back up to the tip. Anytime you get too excited I will tug the leash this is for teasing only.

If you’re a good little submissive then I will take your cock in my hand with a nice firm grip and start jerking your cock. But that’s only if you listen to your mistress bad little subs get punished. Punishments for beyond choking. Wait until your punished by a dominatrix! If you have then you know to be a good slave because it can get rough.

Spankings for bad boys

Now If your bad you’ll be on all fours on the bed. I’m going to grab my paddle and give you a few little Spankings. You know you’ll like it even though it’s punishment. The spankings might sting but you must not scream or I’ll just make it worse. You wanna know what comes next call your mistress and find out? Can you be the perfect submissive? Lets find out. I wanna see if you got what it takes to be a slave. The real pleasure comes from letting your mistress tease you. Remember when your leashed collared and all mine. It’s real easy to find out if you can handle me just call my hot phone sex line and we’ll see about that!

I was once a sexy submissive girl once upon a time and I learned from the best.