I Was Lost In The Woods

I had an idea to go camping after I’d seen some movie that made it look like fun. But of course in the movie they had more than one person going. And they’d also been camping before. I had only myself and no experience. I’d rented some gear for the weekend and managed to set it up alright. But then I got the bright idea to go for a hike. But it was  too close to sundown. So I’m walking aimlessly around. I had not thought to bring a compass and it got dark. Try as I might I could not find my way back to my camp I’d set up.
I had no idea how lucky I’d be to meet a stranger.

  I Met A Very Sexy Stranger

And I was starting to get nervous when I saw a light some distance away and walked towards it. So I called out a hello to anyone that was inside. And this guy came out looking rather surprised to see someone in the middle of nowhere. He asked where my tent was and I said I’d gotten lost. When he asked how long I’d been walking I said over an hour. And there was no light on in the tent for it to show either and what could I do? He laughed and asked if I’d ever been camping before and I said no.
He kindly invited me into his tent and said it would be safest if I stayed with him over night. And he’d help me in the daylight see where I was camped. I thanked him and was glad he seemed nice and safe. He was a kind stranger it seemed and he cooked us some fish he’d caught earlier. And some baked potatoes he’d placed in the fire he’d made. It was delicious and I was so hungry after my hike. After dinner, we went into the tent and chatted . He really was a ruggedly handsome man and funny as well. He was telling me funny stories of his previous camping trips he’d had.

We Drank Some Wine And The Fun Startedcj meets a stranger

We had some wine he’d brought. And he leaned over and kissed me. He didn’t seem like a stranger I’d just met, but  someone I was very quickly desiring. What woman can resist a man that rescues her? We kissed passionately and soon were both laying in his comfy double sleeping bag. And touching each other and soon he was on top of me and sliding that cock into my wet, warm pussy and he fucked very well.
His cock was thick and so hard as he spread me open and I wrapped my legs around him . And pulled him deeper inside of me. I can’t believe getting lost in the woods brought me to this sexy stranger! He suckled on my breasts and thrust so deeply into me . I could feel his breath on my neck as he fucked me harder and harder. And all of a sudden my cunt contracted around his hard cock and that triggered him to cum in my pussy. It was marvelous. We soon fell asleep and it was such a comfort able feeling being in his arms. The next morning when we awoke, he walked me around and we found my tent, and that night he stayed with me in mine. It was a wonderful weekend.
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