I Was Ready For  A Road Trip

Recently I had to go out of town for the day to a family birthday party. And it was a few hours drive away. I hadn’t seen this cousin in a few years, so I thought it would be nice to make the trip and see everyone again. And  I was all dressed up in a sexy new dress and looked great.

I hadn’t had any idea my car was going to act up along the way. I was driving home from the party. And it was going to be a couple of hours drive. So I was not pleased when about half way home it just up and died in the middle of nowhere. It was so in the middle of nowhere there was no signal for my phone. And I walked and walked to a main road and knew I’d have to hitchhike to the nearest garage for help.

There Was Something Sexy About This Stranger

I wasn’t standing there with my thumb out for long before this middle aged business man type pulled over.He asked if he could be of any assistance. I explained my situation and he said he knew of a twenty four hour garage not far from here. And he’d be happy to drop me off. I was a bit reluctant to get in a car with a stranger. But he looked safe and harmless, so I got in. We chatted a bit and even though he was fairly plain looking, there was something sexy about him. Just the way he spoke, the things he said, I was attracted to this rather plain looking man.

We Had Plenty Of Time To Talk

We soon pulled into the garage. But there was a sign on the door, back in two hours, the owner had gone to help another stranded motorist. I thought I’d just sit outside and wait for him. But my new friend said he’d be glad to stay and wait with me as he had nowhere to go. He asked woulSexy Strangerdn’t the car be more comfortable than sitting on a cold cement step? I thanked him and agreed. So we sat and chit chatted and soon he asked me if I had a boyfriend. And I said no, I was between ones currently. Which he found hard to believe, he said I was too sexy to be alone, but it was true.

He Asked Me If I Missed The Touch Of A Man

He asked if I ever got lonely and what I did when I craved the touch of a man? I smiled and blushed a bit, but I wasn’t about to blurt out I masturbate. But he reached over and kissed me and I didn’t stop him. The windows were soon fogging up from the heavy breathing as we kissed. And he soon had his hand up my skirt and was rubbing my pussy lips through the panties. And it felt wonderful and very sexy. He asked if we might be a bit more comfortable in the backseat and I nodded. And we got out and back into the back and laid down.

I Reached Down And Unzipped His Pants

I could feel his hard cock pressing into me as we kissed and he was laid on top of me.  And I reached down and unzipped his pants .And his thick, hard cock sprung to life. I pulled the crotch of my panties off to the side. I then guided that cock into my wet, aching cunt. My tits were crushed between us and my nipples were hard. I wrapped my legs around him and he was gliding back and forth a bit slower than I wanted.

No doubt to tease me and get me all hot and bothered, which I was. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him towards me even more to get that cock as deep inside as it would go. And he finally picked up the pace and really gave me a good pounding. It wasn’t long before I was pushed over the edge of orgasm . I then felt him go off inside of me. It was hot and unexpected for certain. We gathered ourselves together. And not long after the garage owner pulled up a bit earlier than the sign had said. I got out and found out he’d be able to help me. My sexy but plain looking good Samaritan drove off into the night, leaving me with a sweet memory and a pussy full of cum.

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