Sexy Stranger Adventure

I have entered contests on and off for many years, I’ve won a few things and it’s always fun. Last month I’d entered a draw for a weekend getaway and I won. I was driven by limo to the resort that was a few hours away and there were all kinds of wonderful things to do, they had a full spa and massages and hiking trails and wildlife to watch. It was a lovely little hidden gem. I booked myself in for a full body massage and facial the night I arrived and the massage therapist was a very handsome young guy. The sexy stranger, with magic hands. I’ve never felt such hand before, he transported me to ecstasy with his massage.

sexy stranger gisele

I wondered if his touch to my crotch region was an accident or not. I had a wonderful gourmet dinner and wanted more of those hands the next day so once again booked him for another rub down. I was soon made to feel this sexy stranger had an interest in me as well with the way he touched me. I spread my legs under the towel that was draped over my buttocks and he seemed to take that as a sign to touch me a bit more intimately. He was correct, and it didn’t take long for his oiled fingers to be buried in my crotch and massaging my clit, which he did expertly. I was beginning to wonder if many of the ladies got these sort of happy ending massages.

His fingertips intimately caressed my pussy. I was no stranger to being comfortable with a guy I’d just met, I’d had my share of one night stands, but this guy who hardly spoke, really cast some sort of a spell over me and when he flipped me over and massaged my breasts and back down to my pussy, and then with his mouth, I just relaxed and enjoyed his touches and licks to me, he was making me feel very good and I was not going to be stopping him for anything.

He made no move to ask to come back to my room, he just seemed to want to pleasure me, a stranger on his table, and he was doing a hell of a job. I felt his tongue open me like a flower and tease and caress my pussy, it was sheer heaven and I just wanted him to go on forever. After he made me cum once more, the massage was over. I couldn’t stop myself, the next day I again returned to his expert hands and wanted it all. I was bold and grabbed at him and undid his pants and he certainly didn’t stop me, I took out his cock and felt its girth in my hand and I wanted it in my cunt. I wondered how many others he massaged and allowed this sort of thing, but I honestly didn’t care, I just wanted him to fuck me, and he still hardly spoke, and he entered me as I lay there on the massage table and he thrust and he thrust and my pussy was so wet, it wasn’t long before I came hard and tried to be quiet so as not to give away what we were doing. Not long after I came, he blew his load inside of me, which was a lot of cum. This was the best contest I ever won!
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