My girlfriends and I feel it is time for a sleepover at my place. We hang out all the time and have fun but we want to stay up and get wild tonight. They know my house is best when we want Sexy Slumber Party Fun without any limits. Of course, they also know, Daddy loves to help us out and get naughty with the girls.

And, the girls think my dad is dreamy. He is attentive and loving to me. Not everyone gets a great dad like mine. I know how awesome he is and I love sharing him with my besties. Additionally, he is good at all things sex. The girls are still new to sex and all it entails. Of course, we are an incest family so, I am already quite a little slut. It is also why I am so damn good and give the Best Phone Sex around!

I am pretty sure that is why they choose my house for our Sexy Slumber Party Fun.

Hey, I remember when it was all new and fresh. That excitement knowing you are going to get to be really bad and have sex or doing something sexual. Also, knowing you shouldn’t but it feels to good not to go ahead. Of course, I am still excited about sex and that wild, raunchy things I get to do. Additionally, Daddy has a nice huge cock to play with and it gets me super wet.

And, I am a Perfect Little Whore for Daddy too! He is a great teacher, as is my mom. Both of them are making sure I am well educated in every area of life. Hahahaha…that is why the girls are envious. This group of girls knows my life inside and out. I trust them and they trust me with their life stories too.

Of course, I trust my callers too because we are kindred spirits.

They love hearing about my life and all the naughty fun I get to have. And, I love sharing it and getting to climax with them. I offer no limit fun and that makes a lot of guys happy. There is nothing I consider too taboo for our calls. Of course, the girls love being here with me and my family. They can wear their sexy clothes, have my dad and brothers checking them out, and even get in playtime.

It is funny, the girls don’t really want to play with my brothers. They are obsessed with Daddy and his amazing sexual skills. Of course, he eats pussy better than any man on earth and each girl gets her turn. I love watching him make the squirt for the first time. It is so sexy and bad; my tight young pussy starts dripping juices.

Not all of them have gone all the way yet.

I feel it is important for them to do what feels right. And, if they want to have sex, my brother’s dicks are way smaller when the girls are ready. Daddy is way too big to pop those cherries. Well, I guess he could if they want some pain action. I can see me being the director over them as it happens. Pulling out my dominant card to oversee it all. So sexy and naughty!

We are getting ready as Daddy comes to my bedroom. He is only wearing his boxers and his hard dick is ready too. The girls are giggling with excitement. Daddy drops the boxers and holding his dick in his hand. I tell the girls it is time to get on their knees for some cock sucking. All of them do as I command. The sexy slumber party fun is starting!

Sexy Slumber Party Fun

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