What Boy Wouldn’t Love a Sexy Seductive Striptease?

Especially from my teen daughter! She definitely gets her looks and her tight little body from me. She’s just a younger version of me and I love that. We have a lot in common, especially our love of seduction and power over men. We always share stories about our latest conquests. She loved hearing about the forced BBC worship that finally got me into the mile-high club. And, I love hearing about all these high school boys she has wrapped around her finger. I always encourage her to bring some home so I can have my fun with them too. This morning she let me in on why she was holed up in her room all evening. She gave the boy next door a sexy seductive striptease he will never forget. 

The Neighbor Boy is a Peeping Tom!

Right after dinner, she went up to her room and began undressing to get into her pajamas. She was standing there in just her lacy pink underwear when something caught her attention. In the reflection of her mirror, she could see the neighbor boy at his window staring into hers. She screamed and covered herself with the top she had just removed. She turned around quickly just as he was darting away. He must have realized that she noticed him and got scared off.  

She had seen him before in the school halls. He’s a new kid at her school, but he’s a grade behind her. She didn’t realize he lived next door until just then. He was really hot, so she was flattered that he was watching her. She was hoping he would come back to his window once he worked up the courage again. She stayed in just her bra and panties and stood at her window looking over to his. When he finally came peeking back around she could tell he was surprised to see her waiting there. “I think he was expecting me to be angry but honestly, it felt kind of exciting and naughty,” she admitted to me. 

My Daughter is a Naughty Girl

She waved at him flirtatiously and he came closer to his window. “Then I pulled my bra down and flashed him real quick, just to get a rise out of him,” she laughed. “His eyes got so huge and he just stood there with his mouth wide open. He started mouthing something but I couldn’t tell what he was saying. Then, he put his hands together in a prayer and I took that as him begging for more, so I decided to give him a sexy seductive striptease.”

“I put on some music for some inspiration,” she continued. “Then, I started dancing and tossing my long blonde hair around. I ran my hands up and down my tight body. I noticed him reach for his manhood. He must have been already getting so hard! So, I let the straps of my pink bra fall to my arms. I reached behind to unclip my bra all the time making intense eye contact with him. He stared intently, he didn’t want to miss a thing. I slowly brought my bra down inch by inch, then let it drop to the floor. Then, I raised my hands to my head and shimmied my tits so they bounced back and forth for him. He loved that of course! Then I pointed at him hoping he would understand that it was his turn to take off his shirt. 

Take It Off

It took him a second, then he quickly tossed his shirt off. He flexed showing off his abs and huge biceps, damn he’s hot! He obviously pointed back at me right away. I’m sure he was curious how far I’d take it. So, I turned my back to him and showed off my tight little ass in my pink thong. I bent down to the floor and twerked for him. When I looked back he already had his shorts off and was stroking his big hard dick. If it wasn’t for this quarantine I would have just gone over there and fucked his brains out right then. But, my sexy seductive striptease would just have to do for now. 

What a Dirty Teen Tease!

Since he was already stroking it, I stepped it up too. I continued to bend down with my ass in his full view and slowly, seductively pulled down my lacy pink thong until it dropped to the floor. I kept my ass up in his full view. Then I pulled my cheeks apart so he could see my little hole and my bare pink pussy. Next, I stood and faced him so he could see me fully naked. I put my foot up on my side dresser and opened my leg wide so he could get a good view and started fingering my little cunt. It was so hot! We both did not take our eyes off each other’s hot naked bodies and we came at the same time. He jizzed all over his window,” she laughed.  

“You’re such a dirty teen tease,” I joked. 

“But, here’s the best part… once I came and caught my breath, I looked down to the first-floor window and his Dad was standing there watching me. He had his hand down his pants and was jerking it too! It looks like we have two peeping toms next door.” 

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