My Last Flight Ended with Forced BBC Worship

On the last flight I took before the lockdowns went into effect, I finally got to join the mile-high club. It was an overnight red-eye, so naturally, I was worried that I would become sexually frustrated having to contain my desires on such a long flight. It was finally time for me to join the mile-high club and have sex in the sky if I could find the right person. I just had no idea it would need to be a forced BBC worship that got me into the club. 

I took my seat and waited impatiently to see who would be seated next to me. Whoever it was could make this a really great flight or a really boring flight. I was beginning to think that the seat next to me would remain empty, but then the last person to get on the flight came on board. I must have the best luck! A tall, middle-aged beautiful black man walked towards me. I knew right then he was the one who would break my mile-high cherry. Sure enough, he sat next to me and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I noticed he had a gold wedding band on but I am always up for a challenge. 

Happily Married? As if I care!

I made flirtatious small talk with him as I flashed my smooth long legs. I found out he was a doctor and traveling back home from a conference. Smart and gorgeous, what a package! He seemed to catch on pretty quickly that I was very attracted to him and noticed I kept running my eyes down his fit body. I decided to be more straight-forward and asked, “So, are you a member of the mile-high club?” He laughed and showed me his wedding band, “I’m happily married.” He then casually brushed me off, picked up a book from his briefcase and began reading. “How big is it?” I whispered to him. “Nice try,” he smiled without looking at me.  

I couldn’t believe it! I’ve easily seduced a sweet innocent virgin, my daughter’s boyfriend, and so many others. How could I not win over this guy too? How could he resist my hot little body just begging for his big black cock? So what if you’re happily married! After all, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. There was no way I would go through the entire overnight flight without getting any action. I wanted my mile-high cherry popped and I was going to get what I wanted, even if that meant forced BBC worship.  

I Took Control 

I’m not a woman that doesn’t get what she wants. So, I came up with a plan. Blankets and pillows were passed out to passengers and the lights were dimmed. Everyone started to settle in. I cuddled up with my blanket and pretended to sleep. The doctor continued reading for a short time and I waited. The cabin was almost completely silent. Then I began to hear him snoring softly. I opened my eyes and saw that he had a sleep mask on and was leaning back in his seat. Now was my time to strike!

Everyone seemed to be sleeping as I looked around the cabin. The flight attendants were nowhere in sight. So, I slipped my hand underneath the doctor’s blanket and gently began to rub his massive cock. It came to life immediately, instinctively pitching a tent under his pants but he was still sleeping soundly. Then, I slowly unzipped his pants desperate to worship his massive black cock. I whipped it out and it stood at attention, all twelve inches of him. 

He Resisted but I Continued Anyway

I put my head underneath his blanket and slowly began to deepthroat his thick long shaft. He woke up at this point and looked under the blanket. “What are you doing?”, he whispered angrily, trying not to cause any attention to us. “Please just let me worship your monster cock”, I whispered back and continued my forced BBC worship without waiting for his response. He put his forearm between me and his cock trying to push me off of him. “No, stop,” he whispered again, trying not to cause a scene. I resisted his push and just tried to go deeper and gripped the monster cock more tightly. “I’m serious,” he tried to plead again, sounding stern but his cock was still at full attention and pulsating with pleasure in my mouth. At this point, I knew I had him. 

Forced BBC Worship is so Hot 

I continued my worship and admiration of his beautiful black cock loving every minute and tasting his pre-cum. He was enjoying it too! I looked up and he was watching me under the blanket trying to stifle his heaving breathing. That’s when I pulled down my top and squeezed my firm supple titties around his massive cock. I continued my deepthroating while I guided his cock to fuck my titties. He moaned quietly and grabbed my blonde hair, gripping it in his large hands and pressed my head down even further. Now my panties became completely soaked. I felt like I could cum just from pleasing him.

 “Get on it,” he commanded and I obeyed by quietly straddling him. I kept my head low to not bring attention to us. Then, I sat on his massive cock and my pussy got what she craved. I finally had my mile-high cherry popped! It took everything I had not to scream with pleasure as that twelve-inch black cock penetrated my tiny white pussy.


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