Sexy sadistic snuff has become the fetish I never saw coming!

Sure, I’ve played hard and heavy with my share of submissives, but never anything close to a sexy sadistic snuff fantasy! So when I started having my kinky fun with fetish phone sex, I was so surprised that one of my first calls would be a snuff call. I’ve never felt so alive! It was like I’d finally found relief for an itch I didn’t know I had. There aren’t many things that shock me still, but the first one was a doozy! I came so hard that I had to lay back and recover for almost 10 minutes!

There are a lot of ways to snuff someone out. Sometimes it’s dispassionate and serves a purpose beyond sexual fulfillment, but a lot of it is personal. I’m in love with both types, and both light up different parts of my brain. There’s something to be said for wanting to seduce and torture a naughty little slut. You know that their life was never going to amount to anything without you, and now you have the perfect way to make sure they only suffer for one more evening, but what a glorious evening it will be! There will be pain and humiliation, but once we’re done she won’t have to worry about that. She just has to look beautiful and pleasure us until she gives out.

We’ll make sure we never forget her sacrifice, I suppose, but that isn’t going to save her from what we have in store. No matter how much she begs or how hard she cries, we’re going to use her body as our canvas and playground. There is no mercy here.

Accomplice or victim?

I get wet just thinking about the possibilities! My mind loves evil. It doesn’t care if I’m on the receiving end or if I’m the one egging you on. It just wants to be immersed in the sexual depravity you offer. I can think of so many possibilities!

For me, last week was so beautiful. I met a wonderful man who loves to have me pick up girls and bring them back to the house for dinner. Their final dinner. Too bad they won’t get to taste how delicious the main course is…

We have so much fun just rubbing her in olive oil and cooking twine, but when it’s time to get her skin the perfectly cooked golden-brown that’s when our fantasy really starts to get tasty!

Sexy sadistic snuff can mean so many things and I want to experience them all!