Because I’m a Sadist some of my favorite fetishes are violent and painful!

I can almost smell your panic when I start focusing on these fetishes. Sure your cock gets hard and drips at the thought of being violated and abused in these extremely vulnerable ways, but until every drop of blood engorges your dick, your brain is going to be screaming out that this is just too much to bear. Don’t worry, slave, subspace is coming.

Tonight I want you to focus on how abusing you makes me feel though. If you’ve read some of my darker kinky blogs, you can begin to imagine how my body reacts when given the opportunity to dress up in leather or latex and bring you to the edge of orgasm with nothing but pain. I feel so at peace with my poker ready to be dragged along your tender skin, and my peroxide at the ready to pour into it once I’ve marked you for life.

That’s right you nasty little boy!

Once you’ve felt the hot sting of my iron against your skin, you are officially my possession. I’ve seen you at your most vulnerable once I’ve marred your flesh with my poker. That’s enough to make me cum all on its own. You have more to offer than that though, don’t you? I’m sadistic to my core so I want to hear you scream. I would almost include screaming in my list of fetishes but screaming always originates from another fetish.

When I think of how loudly you will scream for me I get goosebumps and a wicked smile spreads across my face. I’m wearing it now as I imagine you on my Cross, ball gag in mouth, ready to be tortured. Mmmm and that leads me to one of my other favorite fetishes!


Oh, how those delicate little eggs can make me squirm with desire! The most sensitive area on a man’s body…and I get to abuse them?! Fuck. Yes. I feel so in control when I have your balls on display and ready to be crushed, stomped, bitten, and ultimately destroyed. The way you try not to flinch every time I move fills me with laughter and delight. You and I both know this is going to hurt, but when I’m done with you, we’ll both feel weightless from entering our respective spaces. Subspace for you and Dommespace for me. And isn’t that where we both belong?

When I put on my stilettos and prepare to stomp all over your black and blue nuts, all I can think of is how your body will contort beneath me as I put more and more pressure on your aching cock. You’ll beg me for more. Hell, a few minutes later you’ll change your mind and beg me to stop. Only I get to decide when you’ve had enough though. Did you think your fetish phone sex was going to be in your control? If so, you thought wrong, little boy. I own those nuts and I own you. 

I think one of my favorite ways to use these fetishes is with the addition of snuff. Getting to torture and use you like a Demoness until I’ve ruined you beyond repair makes me feel so fucking evil and at the end of the day, that’s all I want. You do want to give me what I want, right?

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