Meet Your Sexy Sadist Mistress

At first glance, I come across as the sweet and neighborly girl who you could easily strike up a conversation with and take out to dinner. You know that if you shower me in wine and roses, a romantic night awaits you. I do in fact love to be worshipped and begged, but there is another side to me. A dark and desirable side that comes out when the bravest, yet somehow weakest men, give me the chance. If you thought missionary sex and occasional lip biting was enough to keep me on your cock, you are very wrong. I crave a deeper, darker, more extreme rough sex. If you want to see what I mean, step into my dungeon and you will meet your sexy sadist mistress Natalie.

Step Into My Dungeon

Welcome to my dungeon. Leave your pride at the door because from this moment on you are my filthy bitch. I am your sexy sadist mistress and you will only address me as Mistress Natalie from here on out. I demand you step out of those clothes immediately and reveal your shameful body to me. You will not torture me by making me look at your hideous face, so put on this leather mask and matching collar. Why are you still standing? Down on your knees, bitch. Am I going to have to break you already?

Learn Your Place

As you sit there on your knees, collar tightly squeezing your neck, I will remind you what you are. You are my pain slut. Nothing more than a faceless cock for me to tease and torture. You are NO ONE to me. Look up at me. I want you to take in one last good look at my sexy and intimidating body. The way my black latex bodysuit compliments my curves is already starting to make your cock bob up and down and fill with desire. As I walk around you and my whip gently traces your skin, your whole body floods with goosebumps. *CRACK* Now, learn your place. From this point on, do not ever make direct eye contact with your sexy sadist mistress. You are not worthy.

Torture during Torture

Crawl this way, pig. Lay here on my cold metal table. Your legs will dangle down and your arms will stretch all the way to the top. I like to see you on your knees, with your nipples growing hard against that cold surface, and your hard cock debating whether it wants to shrivel up and die or grow harder from the torture. The leather straps around your wrists make you nervous, don’t they? That’s why you are here though, isn’t it? You want to be scared. You want to be used. I am your sexy sadist mistress and you are my masochist.

As I slide on my giant strap-on over my latex suit, I see your eyes grow wide and the whines from your mask start to fill the room.


A wave of lashings silences you. Silence, slave. You WILL take this cock and yes it WILL hurt, so shut up and obey your sexy sadist mistress. Then I work my way back around your naked body. Reaching for my next torture device from my wall of pain and pleasure, you hear the smacking of a paddle against the palm of my hand. My goal is to numb the outside of your ass before completely destroying the inside.


Then, as your tears start to stream down your face from the pain, I know it’s time to fully begin. I mount your worthless body and ram my giant cock into your un-lubed ass. The stretching and ripping of your virgin button is overwhelming and the screams from your mask only make the pounding harder. Thrust after thrust your cock grows harder. As I start to slow and slide out of you, I hear what I believe to be your sweet release escape from your mask. Then, as I begin to untie you, limb by limb, the mess you made becomes more apparent. Finally, as you stood, the table was dripping your blood, sweat, and semen and you knew you had pleased your sexy sadist mistress. Same time next week, bitch.

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