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Your hands are placed firmly on my hips and your cock is eager to enter my dripping wet pussy. Our night of Hot Intoxicated Sex is beginning. Are you ready for some extreme rough sex? All of the drugs and alcohol in your system are surely going to allow you to fuck me as hard as I need you to. Don’t be intimidated. I have already told you I am a different breed of slut and a complete sex crazed animal in bed.

I want you to thrust your hard cock completely into me. Fill this tight, wet pussy with the entirety of your cock. Look around you. Everyone is in complete ecstasy with their extreme rough sex. You know why? They are no longer held back by expectations or fear anymore. All of the things we have taken and drank tonight have amplified our sex drives and relieved us of our boundaries. You have chosen the best sex enchantress to free you of your boring sex life, and I am ready to feel you deep inside of me.

I’m a Slut for Extreme Rough Sex

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Mmm, oh my!! You are bigger than I expected! I knew what I was getting myself into but I didn’t know you would feel THIS good!! Use my hips to ground you. Each thrust needs to be as hard as the first, the only thing that will change is our speed. Can you hear my pussy dripping off of your cock already? Want to make me even wetter? Grab that rope over there and tie it around my neck. I want you to choke me while you fuck me harder than you have ever fucked anyone!

Don’t be scared of hurting me. Extreme rough sex is my passion and you’re only a newbie to it. I have been hurt worse, and honestly, I like it more that way. So give me your best! Choke me, fuck me, and use my body to find that inner power of yours to make us cum over and over again!

Yes!! Just like that! Wow, you’re a quick learner. Harder, baby, harder! Start to pound my pussy faster. I know we are hot and sweaty and you feel like you can’t do it anymore. That’s the beauty of hot intoxicated sex. You CAN keep going! Do another line, baby. We have to keep this extreme rough sex going! It feels too good ad you know it does. This bump will give you the boost you need. Flip me over on my back. You can push my legs back toward my head and use them for your support.

I want you to fill me with that hot load!!

See, all better! With my legs up above me, your body is lower, and our faces are closer. Think you can fuck me hard enough to make me scream? I want you to try to hit my cervix every time you pull out and push aggressively back into me! OH! OH YES! BABY JUST LIKE THAT! Keep choking me! I’m going to cum all over your cock! When you feel my pussy tighten, loosen your grip and let that airflow go back to my body. The orgasm is so much stronger with extreme rough sex!  Do you want to cum with me? Cum with me and then let me show you what I can do!

I like to lick up our messes!

Do you feel how sweet that release is? I love feeling that warm creampie inside of me after some extreme rough sex. Lay back now and regain your breath. Here is a celebratory glass of champagne for the first orgasm of our night together! Let me clean all of that sweet cum and my pussy juices off of your cock with my tongue. Do you like to be rewarded for your hard work with a hot blowjob? You’re going to love the way I lick the tip. Swirling my tongue around your cock like you’re a king. You are a king. You really know how to fuck me hard just the way I like! Get ready, baby, round two is about to begin!!


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