I am the Sex Enchantress

You thought you could handle any of the crazy horny college girls thrown at you, but you’ve never met one like me. You’ll come to find out that I am of a different breed of college slut. I like to drink, do drugs, and have hot intoxicated sex. I am the sex enchantress. Think you can handle me? Let’s give it a try. Meet me at my house tonight. Party starts at 9 PM and there will be lots of girls and hot men, with all of the drugs and alcohol your body can handle!

Welcome to my home

So glad you could make it! Come in, it’s time to take shots! Pick your poison, handsome. I am going to show you how to party hard and then I will show you how to use all of that energy to fuck me even harder. One shot down, and three more to go before I give you a tour of the party house. Ready? Cheers!

Follow me this way. Over here we have the stripper poles. This is where all of the naughty girls go to show off their sexy and toned bodies. We have a personal DJ who comes to service all of my parties with his fresh beats. The girls love him and occasionally pay our DJ for their song requests by a private dance during his breaks. These girls know how to use their bodies for power. Most nights they leave with a good amount of cash in their G-Strings. Those naughty little hoes deserve it.

Over here we have our smoke and blow bar. We have every strain of marijuana you can imagine, and our cocaine is straight off of the brick. Here, puff on this. This strain is called Fire Afghan Crack. Take a deep breath in for me and tell me how you feel. Pure bliss, right? Almost as if the weed is infused with ecstasy. A perfect blend of body high and euphoria. Now we mix it up by adding in our energy supply. Grab that bag of coke and follow me this way. You’re going to love this.

VIP Room

This here is the VIP room. Clothes are not allowed past this point. No shoes, no shirt, or no entry. Can you keep up with me? Mmm, yes, perfect. Strip down now. I’ll get our first lines ready. Before I open this curtain, I want to prepare you for the most erotic place you have ever experienced. I want you to step in with an open mind, which should be easy with the amount of alcohol you’ve already consumed and the little stop we have made at the smoke and blow bar. Pay attention to the walls, the ceilings, and know that your body belongs to the room now.

Follow me. Look around. Do you see all of the drugs, alcohol, and hot intoxicated sex surrounding you? The walls are draped in red curtains and ropes. Women are hanging from the ceilings on long elegant curtains, dancing in the air so naked and free. There are many couches scattered throughout the grand room. Everything is red and black. Bodies are entwined everywhere you look. Naked waitresses are walking around with platters of drugs and alcohol.

Sex is in the air

Don’t be rude. Take the glass of champagne, and do another line of blow. Meet me on the couch over there in the corner. You and I have a busy night ahead of us. I plan on pushing you past your limit and having hot intoxicated sex with you until the sun rises. I can see all of the excitement has you interested. Your cock is standing straight up and I know you think you’re ready for me.

But first, you must do another line off of each of my feet. Mmm, yes, now suck all of the rest off of my toes. Nice and slow. Savor the taste of my sweet, delectable toes. Can you get hard enough for me to do a line off of your cock? We have lots of cocaine we need to finish if you’re going to be able to fuck me as hard as I want you to.

Let’s take another shot. You can do yours off of my stomach. Whatever doesn’t make it in your mouth you will lick off of my body. Then you can inch your way down to my sweet pussy and get me nice and wet while I take mine. Perfect. Are you feeling it, babe? Is your heart beating faster than ever? Do you think we can have some hot intoxicated sex now? Show me your best!

Hot intoxicated sex

Grab my hips and throw me into the position you want me. Use my body. I want you to feel the power you have over me and that our hot intoxicated sex depends on how ready you are to cum harder than ever before! Don’t worry about the gentle insertion the other girls beg for. I’ve been staring at that huge cock for over an hour now. I know what to expect. Slam your cock inside of me. I want to feel you pounding against my cervix.

I like my sex how I like my drugs. Hard and long-lasting. Can you keep up? You look a little dehydrated. If you give up now you will have proved me right and you will be forced to leave this party, carrying your head like the pathetic pussy you are. Pound this tight, young pussy!! Own it. Let those drugs put your sex drive into overdrive and fuck me harder and harder for hours on end. When you get close, you’ll feel it. Every inch of your body will tingle and it will be the most powerful release you have ever experienced. I want you to shoot that hot load of cum, hard inside of my pussy. I am your sex enchantress and I have come to show you how amazing hot intoxicated sex is…


Look for a Part 2 coming up short in the next few weeks! Your night isn’t over. It’s only just beginning!!

Do drugs, alcohol, and hot intoxicated sex sound like your kind of night?

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