Working It: Sexy Office Tease 

Getting my first job straight out of university was easy. I knew the job was mine the minute I sat down for the interview. Across the table sat three rather rotund, middle-aged men shuffling papers. It was obvious that I was about to become the new sexy office tease. Asking all the right questions, but not really waiting for the answers. They were too busy looking at my nipples poking through my silk blouse.

The senior of the three, a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead, mumbled that the job was mine. Turning around to leave, three pairs of eyes were watching my curvy arse as I deliberately swayed my hips and left the room.

Naughty Office Newbie

Despite being more than qualified for the job, I used all my feminine attributes to make my first few weeks go smoothly. I encased my long legs in sheer stockings, wore the highest of heels, and the tightest of skirts. And it didn’t go unnoticed.

Soon I was to catch the eye of one of the senior partners and he found every excuse under the sun to get me alone. He thought he was God’s gift to women – he wasn’t! But that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of the situation. I knew I had to become the perfect sexy office tease to get me where I wanted.

Bending over right in front of him, hitching my skirt to climb the ladder to reach the files on the top. A glimpse of a stocking top here and a flash of cleavage there, the man was as hard as a rock within seconds of seeing me.

While not blessed with the best of looks, Nick’s huge bulge and his ability to help me get a step up the career ladder – and a huge pay rise – fuelled my desire to fuck his brains out.

After a few weeks, it was time to make a move, after all, I knew his reaction would be especially positive.  I suggested we work late so when the last employee left for the day, I went and sat on Nick’s desk.  I could tell by the movement in his pants that he was as eager as I was to engage in a little office fucking and sucking.

Frolicking With The Boss

I hitched up my skirt and kicked off my shoes as one foot massaged his cock meanwhile the other rested on his shoulder. With one rather swift movement, I swept the files off the desk and laid myself back. As I pushed my panties aside, I rubbed my pussy and brought a finger up to my mouth to taste my sweet juice.  Nick was beside himself and could wait no longer as he freed his particularly huge purple trouser snake. Nine inches of hard swollen cock, just begging for a sucking.

On My Knees, I Took Control of Nick’s Cock

Spitting on his throbbing dick, my mouth and tongue worked their magic. He could hardly contain himself and he begged me to let him cum in my mouth. 

Afterward, I told him I was the boss now and made him wait. Every time he was close, I would ease off.  He was putty in my hands. I needed to control that dick if I was going to get what I wanted. I excelled in my role as the sexy office tease.

Finally, I relented and rode his cock, right there in his big leather chair. He came almost immediately, firing cum deep up into my tight pussy. He just couldn’t get enough of our sneaky office sex.  

Pussy Power

So then the next morning I walked into his office and told Nick we had some things to discuss. If he ever wanted his cock sucked by me again, I’d require a substantial pay rise and my own office. As he started to raise objections, I opened my legs to show him I had “forgotten” to wear panties that day. By the afternoon, I was sitting in my own big leather chair – in my own office. Never underestimate the power of pussy.

In short, that’s how I got my very first pay rise.  Let’s just say, being the sexy office tease certainly seems to pay off…