Lately, there have been a lot of rumors about sneaky office sex!

What would you do if you saw your co-worker having sneaky office sex with the boss at the workplace? Would you keep your mouth shut or totally rat them out? In our office, there are some unspoken rules. First, if you fuck the boss never advertise that you fucked the boss. Second, if you fuck a co-worker never tell the boss.

Recently, there have been lots of kinky rumors and threesome sex stories involving the boss that have been whispered about around the office. These rumors all seem to be linked to Friday afternoon Happy Hour. He often invites a couple of girls to join him and no one ever refuses because it’s a chance to impress the boss and get on his good side. They all get toasted then return to the office and have private “meetings” with one or more of the girls he invited.

The new girl becomes the new sex toy. 

When a new girl named Jenny started she quickly became his favorite. Jenny loved to come into the office with slinky dresses or short skirts that showed off all of her assets. Her body was almost as perfect as a Barbie Doll. When she would bend over, you could definitely tell what kind of panties she was wearing or that she wasn’t wearing any at all. She was constantly applying red lipstick to her big pouty lips, always wanting to look good for the boss. Jenny knew how to play the game.

That’s why I was worried when a new promotion was available and I knew I was perfect for it. Jenny was his new toy and I was worried she would get it without really deserving it. I’m sure he thought she deserved it, they would often be in his office behind the locked door having, what everyone assumed, was sneaky office sex. She always came out of that office adjusting her clothes, her hair not as perfect as when she went in.

Finally, alone time with the boss. 

My interview just so happened to be on a Friday. I worked really hard for this opportunity and I was really excited to execute my plan. I went into the office for my interview and suggested we have it at Happy Hour instead. He looked surprised but accepted my offer. We flirted and discussed my qualifications while having plenty of drinks. He became so intoxicated he suggested we go to his home instead of back to the office. This was all falling right into place. I didn’t want to have sneaky office sex like all the other girls, I wanted real alone time with the boss.

As soon as we arrived I went to the bathroom and changed into the sexy blue lingerie I had stashed in my purse. Jenny’s not the only one who knows how to play the game. Once he saw me, he led me straight to the bedroom. He laid on the bed and I straddled him and began undressing him while we kissed passionately. Taking my time, I rubbed and kissed every exposed area of his body. Then I massaged that cock until it was nice and hard and took it deep down my throat. Just when he was about to shoot his load of cum down my throat I pulled back. He began to whimper.

My turn to get what I want. 

I decided I needed him to please me, so I spread my wet pussy for him to lick. The boss sure knew how to use his amazing tongue to make me cum twice. Then he begged for me to ride him. So I bounced up and down on him hard until he was ready to spill his load. However, I had an ace in the can. I told him I loved his body so much I wanted to cherish this moment. So, I whipped out my phone and took a picture of him laying there with his hard dick in my hand.

Then I showed him the pictures of Jenny I managed to obtain. His eyes widened as he looked at the photo of Jenny, his favorite, sucking another co-worker’s big black cock in the employee breakroom. The picture showed her pink tongue licking up and down the shaft of a massive juicy dick. I guess the boss wasn’t the only one having sneaky office sex. I felt pretty much guaranteed that Jenny wouldn’t be getting the promotion now. But to ensure I received the promotion I deserved, I told him I would be sending the picture of him and his hard dick in my hand to his wife if I didn’t.

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