Sexy mommy talk from the perspective of her sissy baby

‘Sexy mommy Crystal does something weird to my pee pee.  I can’t explain it.  I’m just a little sissy after all.  I’m not big enough to know any better.  All of the other boys my age can feed themselves, clothe themselves, and go to the bathroom by themselves.  I drink all of my meals from mommy’s yummy titties, and I wear pink, sissy clothes that show off my diaper, which I need sometimes since I never seem to get to the potty on time.  It’s embarrassing because, when we go out, everyone can see it.  Sometimes, the other mommies laugh.  They can also see me fill it up when I have one of my oopsie-tingles.’

I have another kind of oopsie-tingle.

‘Whenever I am around sexy mommy, I feel like I’m about to oopsie-tingle, but it’s a little different.  Usually, it starts when it’s time for me to eat.  Mommy’s milkies are so big.  They gush with num-nums, and I have to get started as soon as she pulls her shirt up, or else the num-nums will drip out of her nipples and down her titties.  I feel it growing inside.  That feeling.  I go straight for her thick, juicy nipples.  She told me once that they are so big because of me and how much I suck them.  She calls them slutty nipples, but I don’t know what ‘slutty’ means.

Mommy’s milk is the best!

‘There’s so much of it, too.  I’m a greedy sissy baby, I know.  It’s so warm and nutritious, and it makes my tiny pee-pee stand all the way up.  Still, I know that that feeling this way isn’t normal when I eat.  That doesn’t stop me from sucking harder and harder and harder while I hump the air.’

“Mommy!  Oopsie-tingles!  Oopsie-tingles!” I warn thinking I’m about to make a bathroom mess.  I expect her to rush me to the bathroom, but she does the exact opposite: she opens my diaper!

“You’ve got a naughty little pee-pee, huh?” she asks, gripping it with only two fingers.

‘I’m so confused, but my hips move anyway.   Something about mommy holding me while I suck on her makes me do it.  I feel like I could do it forever.’

Suddenly, mommy stops.

‘I keep thrusting, but mommy won’t squeeze it anymore.’

“You like mommy’s ‘hugs’, don’t you?” she asks.  I nod enthusiastically as she leans back and opens her legs while wearing no panties!  “Then let mommy hug you properly.”

‘I don’t know why, but I somehow know what to do.  My sissy pee-pee can’t help it.  I throw myself on top of mommy and pump at her warm spot.  It’s so mushy and squishy.  She giggles while I try to go all the way in when I’m so small.’

“Good boys tingle inside their mommies,” she informs me.

‘The tingles were strong and only getting stronger.  Eventually, there was no stopping them.  I let out a grunt as I clamped down on her milkies.  “Oopsie, mommy!  Oopsie!”

“That’s it, baby.  Give mommy your squirties.”

‘The tingles lasted for so long, and mommy told me that, for such a small sissy baby, I left such a huge squirt in mommy.  She spread my legs and cleaned me with her tongue since I was such a good boy.  I liked that. So much so that I oopsied again in her mouth.’

From now on, this would be our little secret when daddy’s not around.

‘I can only do it if I promise to thrust as hard as I can.  She wants to see if I can last longer, too.  Mommy said I only took thirty seconds, whatever that means.  I can’t tell time yet, but apparently, big boys take longer.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a big boy.  Her mommy-hole feels too good.  At night, when I hump my diaper, I’m going to think about her and how warm she is.  She’s going to have a new kind of mess to clean up in the morning.’

Are you a little sissy baby who’s too dumb to know any better?  Call my phone sex line, and let sexy mommy Crystal take care of you.