What  An Exciting Weekend!

I had an interesting weekend recently. And I was driving out of town to a wedding and a few hours out my car died and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had almost no cash on me, and my credit card was at the limit. It stopped not far from a car garage. And I walked there to speak to the mechanic and explain my predicament. I had to be at the wedding later that day and had no money. And what could I do to get this fixed? He looked me up and down and saw the formal attire I was in and smirked.And he said if I fucked him, he’d have me fixed up and on the road in less than two hours.

 And If I Let Him Fuck Me  He Would Fix My Car For Free

I felt sick at his request, but I didn’t really see many options. I was pressed for time and had no money, and was out of town hours from home. If I let him fuck me, I could get on with my day, so I agreed. There was a cheap chain motel next to the garage and he and I walked over and he got us a room.

I carefully got out of my formal attire and laid on the bed to get this over with. He came over and started to kiss up and down the outside of my leg and then the inside, and he stopped at my pussy and was just admiring it. I could feel his hot breath on my exposed cunt lips, and then he opened them with his tongue and worked it over my clit. I was surprised how well he seemed to eat pussy.

He Licked Me To An Orgasm


I was soon writhing underneath him as he licked me to orgasm. And I certainly hadn’t planned on that happening. I was dripping wet and he soon slid his much larger than expected cock into my cunt. And he began to slowly thrust into me, and again, I couldn’t help but get swept away at the sexual expertise of this mechanic. You know what they say about ones that work with their hands. They are often better in bed since they know just how to touch a woman. I’d had a few blue collar boyfriend’s before  They were better I found at sex than the more professional ones.

I Exploded On His Cock

I wrapped my legs round the sexy mechanic as he fucked me hard and fast.  And I could feel another orgasm welling up inside of me and I soon exploded on his cock. And that triggered him to shoot his load of cum deep within me. We caught our breath and then he left to go fix the car and I got in the shower. And got cleaned up again before putting on my formal attire for the wedding.  And then setting out on my journey. I arrived barely in time. But that mechanic had certainly made the day a lot more memorable than it would have been otherwise. I never thought I’d be grateful for a spot of car trouble. But it had changed the outcome of my day, and I didn’t need to pay a cent for the work on the car either.

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