Lingerie is expensive.

One of my favorite things a man can do is buy me lingerie. I like the way I look in the sexy clothing and it’s even hotter when he bought it for me. Stripping for them is even more fun. It’s like I become his cute, lustful little property. But sometimes I kind of like just wearing lingerie for myself, looking at my body in the mirror, and fantasize about all the guys in the world that would love to fuck me. When I start getting this desire, I usually go out and buy my own—or steal some.

You can’t blame a little girl like me for wanting to get snag a sexy, red piece of lingerie without having to pay for it. It just makes it naughtier. Well anyways, one day I was lifting a real kinky, black corset from my usual spot. I was nearly out the door when I felt a hand grab my arm.


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The security guard was a large black guy with a shaved head. His dark uniform was intimating and I trembled at his touch—he was just so strong. When he took me to the back room where they took all the shop lifters. That’s when he dropped some really scary words, like “jail time,” “court fees,” and “permanent record.” I felt so little in front of such a strong man. But I gained a little confidence when he said, “But, I could make all this go away.”

Every guy has his fetish, and this one was watching little young Latina girls strip for him. He made me change into the black corset in front of him. It turned me on to have an intimidating man want me so much. Once in the lingerie, I sat on his body on his chair, and played with his uniform. He tried to touch me but I slapped away his hand, teasing him with my strip.

I bent over and shook my ass, letting him watch my body jiggle. I moved myself onto his lap and grinding on his hardening penis. He started to smell my back, and I turned to straddle him. I began to slowly take off the corset, while simultaneously gyrating on his pelvis. Eventually the strip ended and I threw the lingerie onto the floor. He couldn’t resist my body anymore and shot his head into my breasts.

I let him suck on my nipples and I put my hand on his cock. It wasn’t part of the deal to let me go free, but I wanted to see his erection. He pulled away and I got on my knees, unzipping his pants. I pulled out the penis and got to work. He let me keep the lingerie and let me go with no charge. The best strip and blowjob I ever gave.

Sexy LiL Dana
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