Sexy Lesbian Pulls One Over On CoWorker

My naughty lesbian coworker never liked to play by the rules.  It flustered many at the office because no one knew what would come out of her mouth next.  She was great at her job, so she was untouchable.  Regardless, she was intimidating, and I could see her watching me with every step I took.

Whether I was on my lunch break or out for a breath of fresh air, she seemed to be around the corner.  It seemed like she was keeping a special eye out for me, which made me nervous.  What was she thinking about, and why was she always around when I was?

I could not confront her because her sexy lesbian gaze was like molten liquid.  Plus, I could not deny she was hot as fuck!  It didn’t matter because air caught in my throat with every witty and sexual remark she made.

I Tried To Keep Away, But She Was Always There!

When Christmas was just around the bend, the office decided on doing a secret Santa swap.  I was automatically thrilled, and when I got the timid and sweet front desk secretary, I knew exactly what to get her.  Ladies like her were always simple.  A candle, a bath bomb, and some gourmet chocolate were more than enough.

Sitting at my desk, I was worried about what would be in my gift.  What if I had a dude who gifted me sports shit… or some lame-ass gift card?  I wasn’t an easy shop, and I knew this.  The pressure was on!  I slid the slippery bow off of the box, revealing the name of my secret Santa.  Claire!  I almost fainted there and then.  The naughty lesbian of the office got me a gift, and I was frantic at what it might be.

She was crass and sassy.  It could be anything from porn to nipple balm.  I felt myself sweating as I slowly lifted the card away, hunched over to shield prying eyes.  Panicked, I looked down to see a beautiful necklace!

I never expected Claire to get something so thoughtful and un-perverted.

I slipped the heart necklace on and pinched close the clasp.  I noticed then that the piece sat higher up than I expected, almost like a choker, but it was too beautiful for me to care.  When I made sure to thank Claire before I left for the day, I noticed she had that naughty lesbian look about her again.

The whole car ride home, I kept thinking about that look.   What did it mean?  She might have wiped her pussy juice on the heart or something equally as vulgar.  The longer I sat at the red light thinking about the possibilities, the more I wanted it off.  I tried to undo the clasp, but it seemed stuck or jammed.  I decided to leave it until I got home, where I could relax.

What Did This Naughty Lesbian Do!?

When I opened the door to my home, I noticed the living room was decorated.  I had not put up a tree that year, but there was a tree decked out in peppermint dildo ornaments and nipple tassel garland.  Remembering to breathe, I started fidgeting with the clasp again.  My voicemail went off, and I listened to the message.

Claire left a detailed message about how I was to use every toy wrapped under the tree that night and cam her.  I felt an uneasy drop in my stomach.  This necklace was a collar, and she had effortlessly turned me into her office submissive!  Claire’s game was up, and I lost already.

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