William and I first meet while I am shopping at Bal Harbour. I love only the finest of things and this grand shopping center has many of the things I desire. He is doing some of his shopping when we make eye contact. I can tell he is loaded by looking at his fine clothes and that very pricey Ulysse Nardine wrapped around his wrist. It is time for this Sexy Latina FinDom to work her charm on this wealthy man.

As we are both shopping, we continue running into each other. I am enjoying the view more and more every time I see him again. He is loving my look. I “accidentally” drop some bags and William, the perfect gentleman is there to help me pick them up. Of course, it is the perfect reason for us to have a conversation and he is quick to start that conversation.

Let’s see how he likes this Sexy Latina FinDom.

I am mesmerizing William as we are talking. He is staring into my eyes and making this much easier than expected. I ask if he is shopping for himself or a lucky lady. He is quick to volunteer this trip is for him. As I am listening to him speak, I am seeing he is quite handsome. I don’t see a wedding ring, but I can tell he is married. Not a problem for me, I don’t want to marry him, I want a sugar daddy.

As we are chatting, he is bold, inviting me to dinner later. I accept his invitation knowing that he is going to be my little pay pig soon. Currently, I have a few little piggies under me. Most of them have fallen for me through my Taboo Phone Sex. They call and fall for me immediately, unable to resist this sexy Latina FinDom. Of course, some of them are married too. I love blackmailing my sugar daddies after getting them in compromising positions.


And, because I am so fucking good at what I do, they are easily under my spell!

Using my Latina Sensual Domination, I pull them into play with me. Then, I use naughty fun to get them to do anything I ask. Once I have evidence of their bad behavior I start blackmailing them. I only choose the wealthiest of men to be my piggies. My tastes are expensive and I am not giving up the luxury I love. Of course, at dinner, William is all over me, making it easier and easier.

After dinner, I invite him back to my place. He happily agrees to come in and “chat” for a bit. As we are talking, I am doing little things I know to drive men wild. He is squirming as he is getting turned on watching me. Of course, being a gentleman, he is trying to be polite but I walk over and sit on his lap to move things along. This sexy Latina FinDom knows what is necessary to reel in these sugar daddies.

His dick is rock hard rubbing against my ass.

Of course, my motion-sensitive cameras are already filming. Yes, I said cameras, plural. I am finding it is important to get multiple angles so my blackmail material is solid. As he is slowly undressing me, I start to unbutton his shirt. Soon, we are both naked and I am dancing around for him. He is stroking his mediocre cock as he is watching and waiting.

To tease him more, I bend over to touch my toes. My pussy is close enough and he is wrapping his arms around my legs and burying his face in my little kitty. Oh, yes, this little piggy is mine. He is out of his mind with lust and stands up behind me, quickly shoving his cock deep inside my cunt. All of this is being filmed and I am loving the great footage.

He doesn’t stay the night, which is great for me.

Once I am awake and ready, I send him a text with just a snip of the footage I have of our playtime. He is furious and turned on at the same time. Of course, he is asking what I want so I explain how this works and how he is going to be my good little pay piggy. Knowing he can’t risk anyone finding out, he agrees to anything I want and our dom/sub relationship begins.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke