Here piggy, piggy, piggy. It is time to show me the money. As my little pet, you must give me tributes in every form. With my Latina Sensual Domination, I am giving you the strong mistress you desire and in return, you are giving me all the money and bling I desire. If you don’t pay up piggy, I will make you sorry.

I am providing sensual domination. That means I am using all my skills, my sexy body and brain, and all the tools I am keeping in my bag, including all my beautiful clothing. Of course, many of those tools, you have been paying for with your tributes. Our relationship is mostly to give and give. You being the giver.

Similarly, I am giving some with my Latina Sensual Domination, but in truth, I tend to take more than give.


Of course, that is the purpose of our relationship. I am a fucking Goddess! Therefore, you are here to worship me. Furthermore, giving to the goddess is a requirement in this relationship. Additionally, I  give versatile Bilingual JOI Phone Sex like no other. You are getting jerk-off instructions in my sexy voice in Spanish. And, I am giving you sensual domination and controlling you.

There isn’t anything you can’t get from me with my Latina sensual domination. I love wrapping my silk stockings around your balls so tight they look like they are going to fall off. Then, bending you over the bed and pegging your tight little man pussy until you explode in the climax for your mistress. Remind me, who’s bitch, are you?!

That’s right, you are my bitch, Pay Pig!

And, you want to stay in my good graces. I have many subs, but only one “little pet.” Transitioning down can be rough for them. As a Sensual Latina Domme, it is imperative to establish the pecking order. Letting the old “little pet” know they are no longer my favorite is intense. His demotion must be obvious and painful for him to understand the error of his ways. You never want that darling.

As my little pet, you are the apple of my eye. We spend the most time together, you get to eat the creampies first, and sometimes, you even get to go further. What that “further” consists of depends on my mood that day. That is the fun of my Latina sensual domination, I can change my mind every day. It keeps my little piggies on their toes.

You are always good for your mistress this way.

And, when you are not, it can be tough on you. Even though we do Latina sensual domination, that doesn’t mean I won’t bring in some sexy bucks to work over your man pussies. For the disobedient subs, I can be a bit “vindictive.” I love keeping it sensual and soft most of the time but when someone crosses me, I can’t help myself. It is time for my inner bitch to come out and play.

None of you want to meet her. She is wicked to the core. I spent years with her in charge, leaving carnage behind me as I came along the way. Oh, she is fun, but she is also tiring and hard to control. Her bouts of rage and anger are so unpredictable and the things she likes doing to men is scary. You have no idea how flexible your cock is until a woman is using special tools to abuse and torture it.

She is my alter ego and we don’t always see eye to eye.

Of course, when she is out, everyone is good. All the little piggies pay as they should, keeping her happy and smiling. And, if you think I have expensive taste, she will blow your mind. She is in love with all things exquisite and over the top. Yes, she is me, but we are two different women living in this body. Now, tell me my little pet, who do you want to play with?

If I am correct, you want to hear me purr in Spanish as I run my satin lingerie around your cock. Using my tease and denial skills, takes you to the edge. Getting my gorgeous tits within inches and not letting you touch them. Of course, if you want me to bring her out for some rougher play, I can, but only for a bit. So, which is it? Call me and let’s have some fun!

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