It is time for my current pet to step aside for my new “little” pet. When I am letting go of my favorite pet, I have a ceremony of sorts, letting them know they are no longer as important to me. As a Sensual Latina Domme, it is important to keep your subs in line. Even though I am using sensual domination, control is important. I prefer the mental side of things to keep them in line.

Today, my current “little” pet is stepping aside and becoming one of my cuckold boys. You see, that is how I transition them. One must go through the process of giving up my favorite collar for the process to be real. It is imperative he understands, he is no longer my favorite or worthy of the special time he was getting with me.

That is why I am such a good Sensual Latina Domme.

My subs are in training at all times. Even if one of them becomes my “little” pet, he must understand he can be unseated quickly by another favorite. By doing this, it is keeping them aware of how easy it is to fall from grace in the eyes of their goddess. I am in need of constant worship and if one of the subs is lacking, he must be put in his place. Even, lower in standing than where he was before.

Not just anyone is worthy of my time. As a sensual Latina domme, I am constantly spending time with new sub trainees. Men that are begging to become my favorite. To be my “little” pet requires complete submission and obedience. Many of the guys coming to me believe they can fill the positions, but in the end, they are not able to be all I desire.

It can be tiresome dealing with posers.

So many are being drawn in by my beauty and grace, only to realize they are unable to be all I am requesting. That is time-consuming and a pain in the ass. Now, many are worthy and find themselves climbing the “ladder” of my subs. They are doing all the right stuff to become my favorite “little” pet. There can only be one.

My current “little” pet has let me down in many ways. Tonight is his release and demotion to being just another sub. To drive home how real it is, he is going to watch me with the new “little” pet. This is just one of the many amazing things I do for my callers on my Humiliation Phone Sex. I am using my skills as a sensual Latina domme, making my callers bow down to my greatness.

I love bringing the point home with humiliation.

It is time for the ceremony. First, my current “little” pet is crawling across the floor to me. I am allowing him to sniff my sweet ass one more time. After he is bending his head down, I am removing the collar. Additionally, once it is off, he is crawling to the corner and watches the new “little” pet getting his rewards. He knows that his demotion makes him a sub and nothing more.

Now it is time for my new “little” pet to claim his rewards. First, I put my favorite collar on him. He is on his hands and knees crawling toward me. I put on the collar that shows he is now my favorite sub. Once he is wearing it, I turn to allow him the ultimate gift. He buries his face deep into my ass crack, sniffing deeply of his sweet reward. All while the demoted sub watches and weeps.

I don’t have time to reward those who do not deserve it!

There are so many things I do with my “regular” subs. Of course, one of them is Naughty Erotic Edging. So many of them love proving they are worthy during our play. The games start with them showing me they can last. It is so much fun seeing the agony as they prove themselves. Are you worthy of my time?

If you are curious to find out, you can call me. We can chat, find out if you are a good fit, and see if you are up for my intense sensual Latina domme games.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke