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First, I am fucking gorgeous. Second, I am a spicy Latina phone sex operator, ready to turn up your fun during our calls. My body is a temple and I am using this temple to tease and deny you with edging. As we are playing your balls are filling with semen and you are feeling the pressure growing. Once I know you can no longer hold on, I am going to let you shoot a huge load all over my perfect titties.


My naughty erotic edging has men coming back again and again.

Everything about me screams sexy. Then, I am adding in my intelligence, confidence, and experience. No one else is even close to how amazing I am. Using all these tools to take you to the edge, bring you back and take you there again. Our playtime is all about the edging tonight. Are you up for that baby?

Good, let’s get the fun going. I want you sitting there not touching yourself until I tell you it is okay. You are watching me as I disrobe and show off my beautiful body. I am taking off my top first, nice and slow. Then, sliding out of my skirt, standing in front of you in my bra, panties, and thigh-high stockings.

I know I look good and by your reaction, you feel that way too!

Now, start undressing for me, go slow. Very nice, and as you are doing that, I am dancing around showing off. I am rubbing my breasts through my bra as I undo it, sliding it down my arms. I start squeezing my nipples as you get undressed. Now, you may start stroking your cock, slowly. Once you are doing that, I play with my panties, letting them slide down my long sexy legs.

I am now dancing around in my stockings and heels. I am using my hands, rubbing all over my body as you are being a good boy slowly stroking that cock. You are moaning as you are getting harder and harder for me. That’s it, get nice and hard. I want that ball sack full of cum. If you feel like you want to cum, you must stop stroking and tell me.

You are not cumming until I say so.

Furthermore, if you do cum without my permission you are in trouble. And, I will make you pay for any disrespect. Of course, you never know what that punishment is until I am giving it to you. Oh, and any precum that leaks out should be wiped off with your finger and eaten. Oh, let me bend over in front of your face, touching my toes. You can see my sweet glistening pussy.

I am so wet teasing and edging you. It is too much fun hearing your moans and seeing you squirming. I can tell by your body language you are wanting to cum, so stop stroking until I say otherwise. Good boy. Now, I am rubbing my tits on your face so you can smell my skin and feel those hard nipples. Nice aren’t they?

Don’t worry, I am going to let you touch them.

Now, you may start stroking again. That cock is so hard. Do you like the way I am running my hands up and down my beautiful legs? I know you would love to be sitting between these legs with your cock pointing at my pussy. Consequently, that isn’t happening yet. Stop stroking again, I can see the precum is leaking out.

Don’t you dare cum yet! I am dancing around, and start rubbing my pussy with my fingers. Then, I slide a finger between my lips, tasting my juice. Of course, I taste good. Okay, start stroking again. Tonight, I am doing the opposite of the cum filled Blonde. You will be putting that cum in a cup.

Okay, guys, I know you are getting hard reading this. Want to know how long I made him hold out, call me to find out!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke