The note read “My Sexy Goddess Enjoy Your Special Day.” It was no ordinary day, it was my Birthday. The day my parents welcomed the most beautiful vision into the world. Instead of singing Happy Birthday to me each year – Daddy would sing Stevie Wonder’s song “Isn’t She Lovely?” Daddy would always remind me on my Birthday and every day – I am his special girl.  His special girl in more ways than one.  <wicked lil laugh> Daddy is a tough act to follow. This could be the reason I am still single. You know the saying – “A girl marries a man like her father.” Frank was the closest man to filling those shoes.

I couldn’t resist taking advantage of my special day. They should just make it a national holiday – “Raven Day” YOLO Day – You Only Live Once. Still dressed in my silky robe – I made my way down to the kitchen for my daily caffeine shot. There on the kitchen table a huge bouquet of Tawny Tiger roses. They were from Frank, along with five beautifully wrapped boxes – all different sizes. The card on the big box read: Hello Raven, Enjoy yourself for now because tonight you are mine. Be ready precisely by nine. Signed ” F ”  Thinking about him always sent shivers throughout my whole body. His subtle masculine touch appealed to all my senses. He knew just how to push my buttons and keep me intrigued.

I slowly slipped the silk ribbon on top of the first box. A bottle of Marc Jacobs signature perfume. The scent that would drive any man crazy. The shoe box was a dead give away. A pair of Louboutin – black stiletto heels – red bottoms that look perfect over any man’s shoulders. Next three boxes from La Perla piqued my curiosity. The temptation was killing me. I carried the beautifully wrapped boxes to my bedroom and placed them on the bed. I couldn’t wait any longer. Like a little girl – I sucked in the corner of my lip and pulled the big white bow.  It was sexy black lingerie and sheer black stockings to match. Oh Frank, you are a bad boy, I whispered under my breath.

Soft music playing, candles burning and warm bubble bath running. I loved pampering my luscious young body. Slipping into the warm water, as the bubbles engulfed my body. My fingers wandered across my body, as my mind explored all the different scenarios that could play out this evening. I couldn’t resist sliding my hand down to my pussy. Teasing my clit and slipping my finger deep into my slit. Tilting my head back and enjoying the sensation of pleasure that took over every inch of my body. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My erotic masturbation fantasy sent tremors of pleasure through out my whole body. Frank knew how to push my buttons.

Slipping out of the tub, patting my body dry and slipping into my sexy little red chemise. Sitting at my vanity I started my little ritual – my hair and makeup were complete. I love putting lotion all over my body from head to toe. Frank wouldn’t be able to resist my perfect body. Each touch and lingering kiss would have a purpose. Slipping into my panties and black stockings, as my fingers massage my pedicure toes and luscious long legs. Being a woman is so sexy – even the most masculine men crave the need for sissification. Dressing to impress and being made to do things you never thought possible. Standing naked in front of my full length mirror – admiring every inch. Imagine the temptation that would take over your body, as we explore all your kinky fetish and fantasy needs. I continue to dress in my sexy new black lingerie. The silky material caress every luscious curve of my body. The final touch that will complete my amazing look – 5 inch Louboutin stiletto heels.  The elegant style and flare that begins the trail of desire.  No man could refuse a lady dressed from head to toe. Frank won’t be able to resist me, as he ravages every inch of my body. There are so many little details and secrets I want to share with only you.  Are you ready?

Let’s explore ANY and ALL your erotic fetish or fantasy needs.  I want to make every experience – the best experience ever.  Let me tempt and tease you with my sensuous whispers. Image the endless opportunities of exploring all our masturbation phone sex needs, as we explore your personal little kink. Interested in exploring phone sex – let’s push all the boundaries and create our own fantasy role play. The opportunities are countless and the pleasure is yours for the taking. Are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing. As well as naughty talk that will trigger our inner pleasures to explode. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now. Continuation – Part 2 Birthday Surprise


Kiss Kiss


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