Part 1 Hours Before: Birthday Sex Preparation

My Birthday surprise would be a night of sex I would never forget. I was his for the night. My heart raced with excitement, as he wrapped his silk tie gently around my eyes. Slowly he moved around to the front “Lace your fingers together pretty lady.” he whispered in my ear. I complied to his demand. I could feel a cord tighten around my wrists, as the bind clinched my hands together. His breathing grew stronger “A new year – A new chapter.” he made his intentions very clear.

The next sensation I felt was my blouse being unbuttoned and I could feel a gentle breeze brushing across my firm nipples. Frank caressed them at first with his thumb and forefinger. He couldn’t resist pinching and pulling them, as I gasped in arousal. His fingers were replaced by his soft lips, silky tongue, and teeth. My body fell weak, as he slowly roamed over my breasts, alternating his sucking motions from nipple to nipple. His soft lips lingered down my belly, as his hands fumbled with my silky lace panties.

“Shoes off my sexy goddess,” he whispered and I quickly slipped out of my black stiletto heels. He continued kissing every inch of me, as he slides my panties off my luscious body. “Sit down,” he commanded. I was his submissive, if only for the night.  I complied quickly only to feel Frank grasp my ankle and lift my leg to straddle the soft plush chaise. He couldn’t resist tempting and teasing my succulent body. His hands grazed across my breasts, slowly moving down my belly and in between my legs. He chuckled at dampness of my pussy and the sexy way I pressed my hips forward allowing his fingers access to my pussy. I gasped in pleasure, as his fingers roamed my pussy than demanding access to my inner parts. I was powerless to his dominating touch.  He fingered me slowly at first and then with one final thrust he had me begging for so much more. I groaned in pleasure, as he took his hand away from my pussy.

“Bend” he whispered, as he pulled my bounded hands down and I felt the edge of the chaise with my fingers. He wrapped the cord across my hands again and around the length of the chaise – lifting my bare bottom in the air and exposing myself totally to him. He knew just how to tease me and deny me – slowly pushing me to the edge and pulling me back.   He knew how to push my buttons.  He had a power over me and my body left me breathless and wanting more.

There was a brief pause, as I could hear the familiar sound of his pants being removed. I could feel his hard body, as he slipped up behind me. My breathing intensified, as I felt his tongue slide across my sweetheart ass and deep between the valley of my widespread ass cheeks. He continued exploring over and around my anus, creating a forbidden sensation of pleasure. I could feel his masculine body take over my every being. Slowly he continued his journey down between my wet pussy lips and circling his tongue around my clit. I was on the verge of cumming when he replaced his tongue with his cock.

Slipping himself deep inside my hungry hole. He didn’t hold back, as he penetrated my hungry pussy with his long hard cock. I could feel him deep inside – working each inch deeper, with each inch the thrusts grew steady and hard. I knew immediately he was going to push my limits – orgasm after orgasm making my body quiver in pure ecstasy. The night didn’t stop there — It continued over the next few days making it the perfect birthday weekend.

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