Sexy Girlfriend Experience

My boyfriend is the sweetest, sexiest guy I’ve ever met, and he’s called me his sexy girlfriend more than once. When I’ve had a bad day, he sends me flowers or makes me cookies, he’s a doll, and I thought I’d like to make a special night for the two of us to show him how much he’s appreciated. We went out to the movies and saw a flick we’d both been wanting to see and I fooled around a little in the movies with him, rubbing his cock over his jeans to tease him a bit, I didn’t want to get kicked out by the usher, so I didn’t risk taking his cock out, but I was playing with him over his clothes and he was getting more riled up by the minute.

sexy girlfriend C.J.

Then we went out for a nice dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, he ordered for the both of us, he told the waiter what his sexy girlfriend wanted and it always turned me on when he did that, and the teasing continued, under the table this time, I was rubbing and squeezing his dick under that table as we waited for our meal to arrive. We had a lovely dinner and finally home, the main event awaited us in the bedroom. I knew I’d gotten him plenty worked up from all the teasing at the movies and in the restaurant and I undressed him and pushed him on the bed and got down on the floor in front of him and finally gave that beautiful cock the attention it so richly deserved. I took it in my hand and stroked and caressed it, and lowered my mouth down onto it and sucked and slurped all over the head of it as I looked up into his eyes.

I suckled on his balls and that always drives him crazy. He pulled me up onto the bed and laid me on my back and spread open my legs and my moist pussy lips opened before him and he kissed the insides of my thighs tenderly and made his way to those dripping lips and sucked on them and flickered that tongue all over my clit and then sucked on it, making it ever so hard. I was cumming all over his face in no time, and then he got me on all fours.

I was elbows down, ass up and he pushed that dick into me from behind and grabbed me by the hips and was pounding me hard and fast as I rubbed my own clit at the same time he was stretching me open and I was making my hand dripping wet like my pussy. I was just getting drilled by that cock and came explosively all over it, it was dripping down my thighs and his cock and balls were a gooey mess from all my cum I’d slathered all over him when I had my orgasm. I decided to extra reward him with another blow job, but this time of course his dick was coated in both of our juices and I licked them all off. I loved tasting myself on a man’s cock that’s been balls deep inside of me, our mingled juices are so fucking sweet. I love my boyfriend and I know he loves me and we fuck each other at every possible opportunity. He thanked his sexy girlfriend for another wonderful night.

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