Sexy girlfriend Experience with a hint of slutty seduction

Sexy girlfriend Experience with a hint of slutty seduction is just what every man wants. You know, that lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. The type of girl who will treat you like a king and make you feel her love. Buckle up and prepare the most amazing sexy girlfriend experience of your life.

Walking through the mall, I must have glued my eyes to my cell phone for a moment because the next thing I knew, I walked right into this tall handsome man and dropped my things. I didn’t notice how handsome he was until my things were on the ground and he was apologizing as if it was his fault, although I clearly walked right into him. I apologized as well, telling him that it was my fault and not his. He insisted that I let him replace my coffee that had splattered all over the floor. Of course, I let him replace, although we both knew it wasn’t his fault, I wanted to spend that time with him.

After gathering my bags and reporting the spill to maintenance, we headed to the coffee shop. As we walked and talked, he told me that he was a single, hardworking guy, who really needed to take time out for himself more often. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing at the mall as he said that, but he then told me that he had just come to get new work boots.

We laughed and talked and enjoyed our coffee together.

Until it was time for it all to come to an end, every moment was magical. He even decided to get a bit personal with me and tell me about his love life which was basically non-existent. Every bone in my body was aching to show him the good time that he deserved. I was so happy when he asked if he could have my number and see me again. I gladly gave him my number and we planned to see each other again the next day.

After making it home, I thought about Matt quite a bit. He had actually messaged me right after we went our separate ways. I just hadn’t noticed it until I was lying in bed thinking about him. I found myself getting turned on at the thought of this sexy man laying next to me. We continued to message each other for a while, but all along I was imagining him laying between my legs, caressing each other’s bodies. It took all I had not to have him come over that night.

The temptation was so hard to fight but I managed to hold myself together.

The next day Matt was coming over to have dinner with me. I decided that I wanted him to have that sexy girlfriend experience that I felt like he deserved. Along with making dinner, I did a little shopping. Some new lingerie was definitely in order. As well as something comfy for Matt to change into after he finished enjoying the nice bath I was going to surprise him with. So instead of coming over to just dinner as he was expecting, he was in for a bit of a surprise.

Once he arrived, I had his bathwater waiting for him. It was clear that he was surprised but since I had a change of clothes for him already, he gladly obliged. As he enjoyed his bath, I finished dinner and set the table. When he finished changing, we enjoyed dinner and conversation and he thanked me multiple times for being so kind. The fact that he had no idea what I was planning for dessert made me anxious.

Matt cleared the table for me after we finished dinner, I thought that was very sweet. Once we finished clean up, I lead him to my room to relax and watch a movie, or so he thought. Underneath my silky black robe, I had on a pink and black bra and pantie set that fit perfectly and looked super sexy.

When we got to the bedroom I pushed him back on the bed.

As I took off his clothes, he looked surprised but excited at the same time. Standing directly in front of him, I let my robe fall to the floor. Sliding off my bra and panties, his eyes glued to me. We both were naked at this point and I climbed on top of him. We kissed and rubbed all over each other, then I made him turn over onto his stomach. I massaged his shoulders as I let my nipples caress his back. It was so sensual and sweet, I could tell he was loving every second of it.

The massage made him feel good, but the sex would make him feel great. I had him turn back over and started sucking his thick cock. He got even harder than he already was in my mouth. Once I had his cock stiff and wet I slid it inside me and started to ride him like I had been wanting to all day long. Within seconds, I felt him squirting his thick load inside and it felt so fucking good. My intentions were simply to please him and give him the sexy girlfriend experience that he deserved.

I know that it was a job well done!

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